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Err, "society's views of women"??

It couldn't have been eaten AGAIN, could it???
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Re: Err, "society's views of women"??

  • TK must be trying to tell us something.
  • OK...this is reminding me of something I learned from Waldstein...the translator of TOB.

    When the Pauline sisters were typing up the new additional sections that were never delivered (as JPII said "too delicate"). on song of songs,,....something freaked out in the computer and screwed up those sections (and only those sections). They retyped it, and it happened again. They called an exorcist in who said the prayers and blessed the computer with Holy Water.    Didn't happen again.

    Then something happened to the exact same sections in the printing. twice. Exorcist called again...fixed it. 

  • The knot monster was quite hungry last night
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    A lot of boards are having posts eaten. They are working on it...... hopefully it will be fixed soon!
  • Oh yes, I was only kidding.  =)

    Even The Nest has had some post-eating going on.
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