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Got my ring!

Longtime lurker here, but I've been mostly silent since I have yet to get, well, officially engaged (though we've been together for 3 1/2 years and living together for 2 1/2).  One step closer today as my future FI and I went and picked out a ring over Thanksgiving!  I'm so excited but we're waiting to tell family/friend until it's official, so I thought I'd share on the boards. :)

Now it's just a waiting game-- he's hidden the ring (I kept wanting to try it on) and I'm waiting on him to legitimately ask me to marry him.  Looking forward to planning our fabulous Vegas wedding!  Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration/ideas so far!

Re: Got my ring!

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    Congrats!!!  :)
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    Congrats!! I was in the same boat as you, with my guy for over 4 years just waiting and waiting!!! He really wanted to be financially stable (hes the smart one obviosuly) before we got married.

    That is such a happy occasion, before I was engaged I never gave a thought to wedding plans, you will have a lot of fun planning your Vegas wedding! There are so many options !!! Very happy for you :)
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    I'm in the same boat as you.
    Ben & I are doing everything all backwards. We picked a date when we wanted to get married back in October, we started actively looking for venues in the past month, but I wont get a proposal until end of Jan/ begining of Feb after we fly home to my parents house.
    His family all knows and he gets to activly talk to them about it, but my best friend is the only one back home who knows anything. I think our officiant is gonna know before my family does. (We plan on asking when we go on vacation with him for our annual New Years trip)
    The girls on here are really helpful and are great at answering any questions. Welcome to the board
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    lilmiss- that happened to me too! We chose the date over a year ago, my family knew of the date.... and his parents had no clue! Everyone thought it was kind of weird planning a wedding without even an engagement but we are a little wierd :)
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    Ha, good to know I'm in the same boat!  I've been researching this forever (partially because I knew we were at that stage of our relationship anyway, and partially because I'm an OCD planner-type of gal), so I'm sure our family will be a bit surprised when we've got a lot of the details figured out already. Wink

    I'm actually happy we're doing some of this ass-backwards.  I always thought I wanted to be completely surprised with an engagement (have him pick out the ring by himself, not tell me, etc), but thank God we decided to go together to do the ring shopping thing because everything I thought I wanted looked awful on my hand and we both ended up picking something totally different!
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    Congrats!!! Im doing everything backwards too..
    Happy planning!
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    Congrats!!! We are doing it a lil backwards too. I am not getting my ring until Feb, and I can not wait!!!
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    Congrats on your almost engagement!  :)
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