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October 2011 Weddings


My FI and I just picked out our date and its Oct 8 th, 2011. Unfortunatly I do not like fall colors. I want to do yellow,purple,blue with a little green and burlap, but now I dont think thats ok for a fall wedding. What do you ladies think? Is it still ok to do that in Oct or should I change the date?

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  • congrats!! nattie couldn't have picked better words your day. Your colors are great
  • I am having an outdoor fall wedding, but my colors are hot pink and a bright orange. You just have to do what makes you happy! :)

    Congrats on picking the date!
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  • Omg, thank you ladies! I really needed that pick me up of support for our wedding! Everyone kept telling me I had to do fall colors, and thats so not me. Btw my name is Kirsten, I actually got engaged last Dec 09 but just recently started planning because Im a huge procrastantor and did not want to plan a wedding by myself (cuz God knows he's not going to help lol).  So I want to know how you ladies are coming along on your wedding so far? What do you have done and whats the look your going for and anything else you would like to share. I'll start. I have NOTHING done...but Im looking at differnet things, and Im going for a rustic vintage...kinda hippy theme (as my FI would say) but to me very outdoorsy. Now you! 
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    Hi Kirsten! Welcome!

    I'm having a small (~35 people) wedding in my FMIL's backyard. We will be getting married under a gorgeous oak tree at 11am. Our theme is trees, so we're trying to incorporate them in the invites, decor and favors. Our colors are green and blue, and I'm allowing my BMs (sisters) to pick their dresses from those colors in any style.

    FMIL owns a cake company, so she will be doing the cake as well as catering (I will be helping) finger sandwiches and fruit/veggie/cheese trays. We also plan on having a lemonade and iced tea bar with various mix-ins to have flavored beverages. FFIL is a preacher and will be our officiant.

    I want a relaxed and fun day. That night we plan on going out with our friends to a local piano bar to celebrate with alcohol. It should be a blast!
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    FI and I are going for a modern look in an old space and we're doing a bit of a fall theme including pumpkins in the cake flavor, butternut squash soup for the first course, and apple butter as favors. We've booked a mansion built in 1888 with a beautiful new ballroom. Myself and my girls are all wearing assymetric dresses (I have my dress and the girls are all in the process of ordering theirs).

    Our cake is going to be square covered in fondant to show off our bright colors with sugar leaves and two sugar pumpkins on top. And we've booked our photographer and dj.

    FI also picked out his tuxes already, though he hasn't been to the shop to try them on or anything. We just sent out our STDs early last week and reserved a block of hotel rooms since a lot of our guests are out of town and started making travel plans already.

    We're super early planners I think! I just don't want to wait to the last minute because I've seen a stressed out bride from last minute planning and I want to be able to enjoy the days leading up to the wedding! Good luck! Planning is a blast but it goes by so quickly it seems!
  • Don't worry, my colors are Eggplant and Pale Gold-not exactly Fall colors either. My theme is similar to yours- I call it 'rustic elegance', lol. I do want to incorporate a couple of Fall items, such as these bleached skeleton leaves (click the link) also figuring out what to do with these birch bark tubes and also going to find some mini white pumpkins. If you haven't already checked out Etsy's wedding section, definitely do so, but be warned: it's addicting! Good luck, and remember that we are all here to talk weddings when your friends and family are sick of hearing about it!!
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  • Aprilfresh - OMG!!!!!!!!!! Those birch bark tubes are AMAZING! I am definitely going to have to get some...I just wish they were a little cheaper!!

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  • Kirsten - I've been constantly thinking about those darn birch tubes and finally sat down and googled them...and found them cheaper! I'm sure there are more places than ebay, but this is definitely a great deal if you aren't concerned about them being 100% exactly the same (I like the fact that each one is unique!).

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  • Honestly, any color combo is acceptable at any time of year.  It's really about the look and feel you want to create.  A lot of ladies on here aren't doing the traditional fall route and have come up with some amazing ideas!!

    I think yellow/purple/blue and green will work well together.  What color were you thinking of having your bridesmaid's wear?
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