A place to call home!

Hiya ladies!

FI and I got the apartment we wanted and move in the 29th!!! I AM SO FLIPPIN EXCITED!!!! 
On my way to the new place to turn in the application and deposit I called just to make sure the manager was in the office and she told me the apartment we looked at Saturday was rented on Sunday. I was crushed, but thankfully they had another 1bdrm available, same size and layout, just different bulding. My heart went from crushed to speed mode as I tore up the freeway getting there lol. I toured the other apartment to make sure and then turned in the app and money. They preformed the credit check on the spot and I signed the lease!  The place is BIG and GOREGOUS, the view isn't as good as the other apartment, but we have our OWN place again and that's all that really matters! I'm soooo ready to be out of my mom's place, moving back home was a challenge, but on the bright side, not living with FI this past year and a half has strengthened our relationship and for that I am beyond greatful. Just wanted to share the good news! Operation "Pack UP" has already begun lol  
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Re: A place to call home!

  • Congrats! We are moving into our new place TOMORROW! I hate packing and I am being such a procrastinator about it!! I loathe the thought of it...and I'd rather workout or watch TV instead of pack. LOL.
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  • LOL I'm not looking forward to pulling my boxes out of storage either, all I can think of is how many spiders will be in my book boxes lol. Thankfully I did two rounds of spring cleaning a couple months ago so I don't have that many clothes to pack up.  This weekend I'm going through my clothes one more time and then I will say goodbye to a couple pair of shoes, thats sad b/c I LOVE heels, the higher the better, but it's time to let go and make room for the new ones I have yet to order lol. The biggest issue will be unpacking FI's stuff and getting rid of the junk, he keeps the weirdest stuff lol.
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