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I am originally from Chicago but have lived in KC for just over 3 years now. Deapite the fact that both of our families are still in Illinois, we have decided to have the wedding here for ease of planning (and just to change things up a bit!). My shower and bachelorette party, however, will still be in Chicago because I don't think it's fair to ask so many people to travel several times. It's just easier for me to go home. Heres my question: I have a lot of friends and coworkers here in KC. Do I invite them to my shower in Chicago? I don't want them to feel obligated by the invite and feel as though they have travel to Chicago and I am most certainly not the type that would invite people just so they can send a gift. Also, I have no family here so it really isn't an option to have a shower here. Any suggestions?

Re: Bridal Shower

  • Could you have two showers? I know people who have had one with their co-workers & one with their friends/family.  Also if you have really close friends in KC, I think it's appropriate to invite them to your Chicago shower & bachelorette. But make sure they know that you would understand if they couldn't make it.  If you don't invite them at all then they may feel left out. 
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