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More checks :)

I just bought a 40 yd roll of satin for my ~dress~, and it was another $4 off!  Its normally $106, but I got it for $36.  Thats more than twice as much fabric as I actually need, lol.  LOTS of room for error.  Its on :)  - although I think I will still go on "dress shopping" excusions with appropriate females who want to go.  A) The experience, B) being pampered and C) stealing inspiration for how I want to decorate my bodice as I'm still undecided.  Bwa ha ha.  

Also, I picked up:

Turquoise organza (3600 sq in for 1.85) & 3/8" roll of ivory ribbon (less than .07/yd) to make favor bags (I'd rather just buy these, but they didn't have the size I wanted in black or white and they didn't carry ANY in turquoise on this site).  The organza was in the "bargain" section, which means there might be something slightly off with it (or it was a return) but I'll only use 1/3-1/2 of it for bags so as long as its not total junk I'll come out okay.

Turquoise chair sashes (20) for .33 a piece.  I was thinking about decorating the ends of the aisle chairs with these (bows facing outward/inward).  Also considered wrapping one (may need to sew two together for length) around each of these trees:

Also picked up 3 turquoise table runners for .78 a piece to even my purchase out to a clean $50.02.  Free shipping kicked in at $50 :)  Figured I'd use them to doll up the cake/card/guestbook/drink/memorial/whatever tables.

Hurry up July 26th!  I want to start booking stuff :)
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Re: More checks :)

  • Listen to you ms crafty bargain shopper :)  How is it that I cant locate a pdf in 3 days and you have banked another bargain?!    Yaay you!

    I love the trees. I'd make a hammock and nap in it. Or a swing, It'd be great for pictures post wedding :)
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  • Where are you getting your fabric?  I want to make table runners in royal/cobalt blue with our monogram in yellow on it soo bad
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  • Bargains are my favesies :)

    I just need someone to pay me to bargain shop for them and I'd be all set.  Actually, I should just open up my own all inclusive wedding venue/bed & breakfast.  Then I'd REALLY be set! LOL.  Put all of that bargain hunting practice/DIY inclinations to good use.
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  • Oh, and when I was at JoAnn today I bought a black satin rose for $.97.  I'll use it for SOMETHING.  LOL.  My first thought was for FSD as a headband/hair clip, but since I think its awesome she'll probably hate it.
    Formerly known as flutterbride2b
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