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So nervous to be in the spot light! Help!

My wedding is in 2 weeks. I am having so much anxiety about it. Not about the fact that I'm getting married but about being the center of attention and about everyone judging all my the things I've worked so hard planning. Ever since the bridal shower I've been super stressed. I have pretty bad social anxiety and this is almost traumatizing for me to be put in the center of attention so much. I have horrible public speaking fear so bad that while I was In school I would fail projects in order to avoid presenting them... So to have to face that fear after a few years of not really having to face them/think about them since no public speaking has come up in years I am a wreck now. Losing my appetite and having horrible anxiety, can't sleep.. Etc etc. luckily it's a small wedding. Only about 75 people. So that's one plus..... Any suggestions to ease the anxiety? Anyone else experience this?

Re: So nervous to be in the spot light! Help!

  • Here's something to ease at least part of your anxiety: the people you invited (hopefully) love you and are not there to judge your wedding. They're there to celebrate with you and stand up for your marriage.

    As for being in the spotlight, well, it IS scary... but again, just remember that these people are there to support you and they probably all know about your social anxiety anyway! Everything will be fine, just think positive. Smile
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  • We sound a lot alike, I was very anxious and nervous up until this past week. It is 5 days til my wedding. I kept asking myself what I was doing and I was wondering if it was too late to call the wedding off and just elope somewhere, but 7 days before my wedding I just got really excited and I haven't felt the nerves again. Hopefully as it gets closer you will get excited and the nerves will dissapear.
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