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December 2013 Weddings

What to do when there's nothing to do?

We started looking at venues with a goal of having one picked out and secured by the end of may since our wedding is on 12/01/13. We also were planning on have a lot of DIY projects so plannning early was a must. Well, we found and fell in love with a beautiful venue and aren't even havin to put down a deposit as my fiancee is doing some lighting work there for the owner as a trade.

The most amazing thing about this venue (aside from how gorgeous it is) is that it is all inclusive! They do EVERYTHING!!! The only things that they dont cover is the photographer (we have a friend doing this) and the bridal party flowers. So now I don't have anything to plan for other than meeting with them later on to discuss the fresh floral centerpieces, the DJ list, wedding and groom cake flavors etc. Heck, they even have a coordinatior inclided in the price.

So now I just have to sit back and wait for next December. I feel like I'm going to lose my mind not having to have anything to do towards the wedding. I just feel like since it's so far away I should be doing something.

How can I stay patient with the wedding so far away and nothing to do for months.

Re: What to do when there's nothing to do?

  • I know this is a really hard thing to do, but try to just keep your focus on enjoying time with your FI.  We have browsed through some venues and none of them are all inclusive like that, so we will be doing a lot ourselves.

    I would go through a to-do list and figure what exactly the venue does not cover.  For instance I plan on making a card box.  I also just finished a sign for us to hold during pictures.  Some people like to make the "Mr." and "Mrs." chair signs or a personalized aisle runner. I'm not sure if any of these things interest you, but doing them as DIY projects could keep you occupied.  They can be done reasonably cheap as well.  I got 6 small bottles of acrylic paint and a wooden hanging board at Michaels for $6 the other day.  The boxes I am using for the card box are ones from a mixer I got as a present and anbox that once had oreos in it. 
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  • Thanks! I've been planning out different DIY stuff. One idea I really like is that we are going to get a mailbox (link below) and on the top inset paint in our colors (teal and brown) "cards" and on the front inset paint our last name.


    there are a few others I am planning but still have to finialize the details. We are also wanting to come up with a funny first dance. I think our guests would honestly be more surprised if we didn't though than being surprised by it. I'm just ready for 12/01/13 to be here already.
  • That's such a cute idea!!!  Also we are planning on doing a fun first dance too (or entrance but probably first dance).  I think out guests will be surprised.  I totally understand your anxiousness.
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  • Thanks! We thought about doing a fun entrance too which we still are undecided about. I want to have superhero themed music for our entrance but he's not so sure. I've managed to talk him into getting him and his groomsmen to wear superhero shirts under their tuxes so that we can take fun pics of them "ripping" off their shirts to reveal the logo and my MOH and I are going to be making capes for myself and the bridemaids. I'm excited about it!!! I am a huuuuge batman fan. I am even going to have a batman garter!! But shhhh, it's a secret.
  • Thanks!! We were thinking about having a fun entrance song too. I wanted to do superhero themed entrance songs. I am a huge batman fan and plan on having small batman accents here and there. For instance, I will have a batman garter. (but shhhh, it's a secret!) I am also trying to convince FI to get his groomsmen to wear superhero shirts under their tuxes so we can get cute pics after the ceremony of them "ripping" off their tuxes. Then whether they do it or not my MOH and I are making capes with superhero emblems on them for myself and the bridesmaids to wear for pics after the ceremony.

    We're also going to have an optional photo scavenger hunt of sorts. Stuff like picutres of the bride/groom playing with their rings, best dancer, worst dancer, cutest kid (there will be a lot of kids there), that sort of thing. FI even developed an app for it so that we don't have to buy disposable cameras and such.

    I have a lot of cute little things to add here and there. We are both jokesters so there will be surprises left and right I'm sure. I think FI has something up his sleeve too for me. He keeps saying that there "may or may not be shenannigans". I just keep telling him that he better not do anything to screw up the ceremony. Other than that it's up for grabs. I'm super excited about all of it! I feel like we're way ahead of he curve with planning just way behind on the saving. blech.
  • Girrl I feel your pain!  But yeah, DIY's are really cool things to keep you occupied.  I have been pouring through bridal magazines and it's nearly driving me and my FI crazy!  Embarassed

    We are having a MarieAntoinette theme in the winter on New Years Eve.  I might change the theme to something else Queenly or princessy (I am the baby sister in my family) because Marie A. did manage to get beheaded.. I saw the movie. Cry  Sad ending.

    But anywayz, yes I know this sounds a little crazy.

    Our wedding was originally planned for 2014 and that was way too long, all the planners didn't have me starting to do anything until November 2013! Surprised  Plus, everyone kept asking us why we were waiting so long!  My family, his family and even strangers were like whaaat!  Laughing  So, I put my foot down Embarassed and changed our wedding date to December 30th 2013, and bringing in the New Year during our reception.

    Our wedding colors we have not narrowed down yet, am thinking not the norm for a winter nuptial.  Instead; gold, icy lavendar, blush and black.  I would love to find sparkly black table linens. Well... that's about as much as I feel like talking on this subject right now, I feel like a chatterbox.  

    Good luck and congratulations to all soon to be Mrs.'s
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