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Photo and video

I`m also looking for a photographer and video. My reception is in green Pond Country Club in Easton PA. Any suggestion?
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Re: Photo and video

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    Are you looking for one vendor who provides both services or are you willing to book separate vendors?

    I can recommend my videographer, but they do not include photography services. They were based out of West Chester, but do travel. www.valleycreekproductions.com
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    So, since you say you're looking for both I assume that means you WANT both, but what we did was get a great photographer and then my 15-year-old cousin who in no way wanted to dace/socialize videoed the ceremony, first dances, garter/flower toss, and toasts.  It was really great and cost nothing at all.  We burned them onto CDs and gave them to parents and now we have the video too.  We didn't want the "drunk-people-shout-at-the-camera-that-they-love-you" crap but we wanted the big moments documented.  We used a digital video camera that my dad owned and it worked out well.  Just a thought.
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    thanks girls:) Unfortunately I don`t have any cousin or anybody else who could record our wedding so I have to book somebody. I`m willing to book separate vendors, just don`t want to spend a fortune. I went to the bridal show today and almost had a heart attack! They are SO expensive!!!!! I want a great photographer who can look outside of the box and have fun pictures. The video is less important but I do want to have it, especially because my family is in Poland. My parents and sister will come to the wedding but the rest of the family won`t, so I want to have something to show them. Any ideas?
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    Hi, Beatavic!  So, I'm doing what xlizellex mentioned.  I was looking for exactly what you mentioned - a "different" photog, not just someone who points and shoots, but someone who does it in an "artistic" flare and puts together a very professional storybook (I've seen lots of storybooks I did not like at all!).  So, unfortunately, the photogs that seem to do that are not the cheap ones.  That's why I spent more than I expected for my photog and figured I can have a family member shoot the important scenes on video...

    There is another very recent videography post on this board that gives the info for videographers around $299, so if you just want the basics, maybe that would be great! 

    But in terms of the photographers' styles you may be looking for, I booked Jeff Dietz (jeffdietzphotography.com) and I also like Shane East's work (shaneeast.com).  Those two are my favorites in the NePa area.  Also, although it may be expensive, Jeff Dietz did recommend two videographers:
    Glen Elliott   www.gmelliottvideo.com/" target="_blank">http://www.gmelliottvideo.com/
    Darrell Aubert:   www.aubertfilms.com/" target="_blank">www.aubertfilms.com

    Good luck!!

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