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ladies who got full rights to their pic and getting copies on a CD

Are you getting some of them printed through your photographer? If not, where are you taking them to get printed?

Our package did not come with an album, I will be DIYing them once we get the CD in our hands. I will definitely get about 10-15 of them printed and framed and put them in our place. A part of me feels bad about not buying/printing a few of them through her even though we paid her a lot of money already! haha! Am I crazy to think this? She has just been so sweet! She said the lab she goes to makes excellent prints but then again they are almost 6X the cost of say CVS/Walmart/ect.
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Re: ladies who got full rights to their pic and getting copies on a CD

  • We're doing the same thing as you, and we are probably ordering our photos from elsewhere. Our photographer actually told us that was a better option, costwise, and that that's what she recommended. But we also paid $50 extra to get our DVDs of images.
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  • Get them printed from AdoramaPix.com

    A lot of photographers use them as their printing lab, but they're open to the public (and not that pricey!  Photographers mark up the price so they have better profit margins).  I printed my engagement pics through them, and they look fantastic.  
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  • We got a DVD with all of hi-res pictures on it. I'm not purchasing any through my photographer because prices start at $20 for a 4x6! Insane. We do have a $350 print credit to use so I'll do that, but it was part of our package. I'll most likely use Target or Snapfish or something. I also just purchased an 11x14 canvas print through a LivingSocial deal so I'll get one of those too.
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  • Step away from the photographer's website!  They mark them up like crazy, to pay for their time, etc.

    Snapfish, Shutterfly, and many other "normal" places will still give you high quality prints.  I haven't ordered large prints from Walgreens.com, but I have ordered photo gifts.  The one piece (an ornament) that came out off-centered, they reprinted, resent, and refunded me!  

    I'll most likely be using Shutterfly for all my prints.  They do a ton of coupons (100 free 4x6s, etc).


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  • We paid extra for the full rights to the pictures, so I don't feel too bad.  That said, he'll most likely get an order for at least 1-2 prints from my parents.
  • Try Mpix.com The prints are profession quality and not too expensive. You also have the option to choose what paper you want used. The photographer that does our family portraits said they are awesome to use and directed us to them. 
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  • I got full rights but I'm also getting an album, with my package.

    Even though I have full rights to my pictures, I'm only allowed to print the pictures as 5x7 and am not allowed to take their logo off the bottom right corner.

    I actually just printed some pictures the other day from Walgreens and they came out really nice. One of them being a 5x7.

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  • Sam's Club is who my photog reccommends, but he is going to print someo fthem for us and they are acutally pretty cheap. I plinted about 15 8x10 engagement pics from sam's and they turned out really nice. I want to order one of the pics on canvas, any suggestions?
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  • We received full rights and will be getting a high res dvd (should be in the mail right now in fact!). We'll probably print at some of the places suggested above. My photog doesn't actually do any printing options, just the disc. I think that works out better because I don't have to feel pressured to get them printed before she tosses them (which I'm sure all photogs do eventually!).

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  • In Canada the law is different and technically whomever commissions the work owns the rights so we don't have to pay extra to 'own' the shots...(unless it is otherwise stipulated in a contract)...I get three DVDs with 1000 high res pictures. I get an 80 pic album too but I think we are going to give it to one of our parents. I want to make my own on Picaboo.
  • I've heard mpix.com is good for the high-quality ones you might want.  We'll print everything else through Shutterfly or Sam's or something.  We'll make our own album.
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  • I think mpix is who our photographer recommends.  We printed engagement pictures (up to an 11 x 18 poster size) with snapfish and the quality is great.
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  • I got all of mine on a disk as well,  we are actually getting our album through our photographer but we plan on myaking some for our parents.  I made the one we have from our engagement pictures off of Kodak.com and ordered all our prints through them that we put in our invitations.  And will order all our prints for frames off of their site as well.

    I know a few people who have used shutterfly and love it but I just prefer Kodak because i just have always trusted the brand. 
  • I had a few for around the house and for a frame here at work printed at CVS this weekend, and they turned out great.  The only problem I had was that the one I wanted an 8x10 of had to be cropped or the machine kept cutting off our feet, so I just had to resubmit it, but didn't have to pay for it again or anything.  And, when you sign up for an account online at CVS, you get 25 free 4x6 prints.

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  • i used costco for alot of my engagement print, they turned out awesome! i know that they have great photobooks too, like 40 bucks. a little more then shutterfly but they come out amazing.
    my photobook from shutterfly came out good but the pics werent as nicely edited as they should have came out.
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