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Hi everyone, I am new to the area, so haven't really heard of anybody. I am looking for a photographer for my May 2011 wedding. My main focus for photographers is price! I am looking for something under $1000 for sure. I'm not really concerned about having tons of pictures from the entire night. I basically just want ceremony pics & family pics, maybe some crucial ones from the reception (cake cutting, etc.). Any help if extremely appreciated.

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    A lot of the girls on here like Caitlin of Caitlin's Creations.  And it looks like she has a package that fits  your budget.
    I personally did not use her but I'm sure others who have will chime in. 

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    I would actually recommend going to the next bridal show to check out some photographers there. There are tons there with some lower price ranges and deals offered through the show. I can't guarantee as to quality, but you should find something in your price range.

    Just as an aside...I know it seems like it's ridiculous to pay a lot for pictures, but do keep in mind that they will be all you have to remember your day. My wedding was only a little over a month ago, and I seriously don't remember most of what happened. Everything goes so quickly and you're so caught up in emotions that the entire day is condensed into probably 20 min of memories for me. I got my pro pics back now and I'm soo happy I budgeted in a good amount so I could have good quality pictures that cover the entire night. There are many pictures in there of friends doing silly dance moves that I definitely didn't notice the night of the wedding but am having so much fun laughing over now. You might still only have a certain amount to spend on pictures, but just make sure you get a package that satisfies everything you're wanting (style, coverage, personality of photographers, etc). Just wanted to put in my two cents.
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    I used Caitlin's Creations and was SO happy with her!!!  She is very professional and takes awesome photos and is very reasonable (you get a copyright release for your photos without paying extra).  Good luck!

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    Azini Photography?
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    My fiance and I are using Renato T. Elias photography, he and his wife and occasionally his daughter all take photos during the event. He gives you all of the pictures on a cd and you can print what you want. He was the photographer for my fiance's cousins wedding in March 2008 and he did a great job, our total cost for him is $995  this includes up to 6 hours of coverage and we are paying a small amount extra for engagement photos. This price also includes my bridal portrait session (1 hour) and either one 20" by 24" inch picture or 2 16" by 20" photos, so I can have one printed of me and also one of us as a couple to display on our wedding day. Here is his link below if you want to check out some of his work.


    Good luck finding a photographer!!
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