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September 2010 Weddings

What are your songs for the wedding? (1st dance, bride/father, groom/mother)

My dad passed away so I am dancing with my older brother. We are still stuck on a song.
FI and I are dancing to "The Way You Look Tonight"
He does not know what to dance with his mom too.

What are you ladies doing?

Re: What are your songs for the wedding? (1st dance, bride/father, groom/mother)

  • First Dance:  If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys
    Father/Daughter:  Unforgettable by Nat & Natalie Cole
    Mother/Son:  not doing it; FMIL is physically handicapped and doesn't even want to attempt it, so we're respecting her wishes.
  • First Dance: "2 is Better than 1" Boys like Girls f/ Taylor Swift
    Father/Daughter: "I Loved Her First" Heartland
    Mother/Son: "My Wish" Rascal Flatts
  • So sorry to hear your dad has passed.  It's really nice that you'll be dancing with your brother. 

    1st Dance: Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colby Calley
    Father/Daughter: Mariachi to perform Es Mi Nina Bonita by VIcente Fernandez
    Mother/Son Dance:  There will be none.  Fi and his mom aren't close.
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  • Father/Daughter: Tom Petty "Wildflowers"
    Mother/Son: Don't know yet.
    First Dance: James Taylor "Something in the Way She Moves"
  • first dance-you and me DMB
    father daughter-somwhere over the rainbow/wonderful world IZZY
    mother son-will be joining us for father daughter.
  • First Dance: "Everything" Michael Buble
    Father/Daughter: "I Loved Her First" Heartland
    Mother/Son: "have I told you lately" Rod Stewart I'm not a fan of this pick, but its not my choice
  • First Dance: "At the Beginning" (Richard Marx ft Donna Lewis)
    Daddy/Daughter: "Always Be Your Baby" (Natalie Grant)
    Mother/Son: "Sweet Baby Mine" (Isla Grant)

    Does FMIL have any suggestions as to what she'd like to dance to with her son? (Ignore that grammar, plsthx) I tried getting suggestions from my FMIL and she had none, FI got the deer-in-headlights look and said he didn't care, so I picked the song, ran it by FMIL, and badabing/whatever!
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  • I'm sorry to hear about your dad, I'm glad that you and your brother are close and will be able to still have your dance.

    My suggestion would be either something that reminds you of your dad or maybe is special to your dad (if that's not too painful) or something that's special to you and your brother.  You could also let your brother choose but it seems like you guys are researching together.

    First dance: "I'll catch you" by the get up kids

    Father/Daughter: "Baby's got blue eyes" by Elton John (my dad used to sing it to me when I was a baby)

    Mother Son: Not sure yet, waiting on the DJ to get back to me if he has the song, but I think "A wedding wish for my son".  FMIL is allowed to pick the song and making me insane about it!
  • What about James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend" for you and your brother?
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  • 1st Dance- Lucky by Jason & Colbie Callet or Like a Star by Corrine Bailey Rae

    Father/Daughter- Isn't she lovely by Stevie Wonder or Butterfly Kisses

    Mother/Son- I don't know yet. I just texted her to see if she has though of anything. I really like Because You Loved Me-Celine Dion.

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  • Love your song Shauni! FBIL and new wife danced to DMB for their wedding, same song! It was sooo nice
  • First Dance: Al Green "Let's stay together"
    Daddy/daughter: Tim McGraw "My Little Girl"
    Mother/son: Not sure, I think "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
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  • First Dance: FI is picking and I won't know until we dance
    Father/Daughter: When You Need Me by Bruce Springsteen
    Mother/Son: You've Got a Friend by James Taylor
  • First song - Can't Help falling in love by Elvis (huge elvis fan, and he proposed at graceland mansion!)

    Father/Daughter - I loved her first by Heartland

    mother/groom - A song for mama by Boys II Men

    FI also requested a special dance with my mom, since she went through a lot back in dec and january and we almost lost her, so they are dancing to I'll Stand By You
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  • First dance: Baby I'm yours by the arctic monkeys
    Father/daughter dance: My little girl by Tim Mcgraw

    I don't think FI wants to do a mother/son dance...

    LiaDee-love your father/daughter dance song and 1st dance song!
  • We haven't finalized, but I'm thinking "Then" by Brad Paisley for our first dance.  I like country, but he doesn't, and we're not planning on playing much country at the reception.  But I love the lyrics.

    We're not going to do a Father/Daughter or a Mother/Son.  I just don't want to do too many organized dances, and I'm not too excited about the Father/Daughter. 

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  • First dance   Only you can love me like that - Keith Urban
    Father/ Daughter Dad is picking I have no clue
    Mother /Son  In my life Beatles   FMIL has no idea but she is a beatkles freak

    Sorry about your dad.  I would try asking Brother if he has any ideas
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  • First Dance - 1,2,3,4 by Plain White T's
    Father/Daughter Dance - Blessed by Elton John
    Mother/Son Dance - Sunshine by the Rascals
    Wedding Party Dance (to get everyone else out on the dance floor) - Nothing But A Good Time by Poison :)
  • First Dance - "I will be Here" by Steven Curtis Chapman
    Father/Daughter - "Daddy" by Kendall Payne
    Anniversary Dance - "Remember When" by Alan Jackson

    We're not having a mother/son dance FMIL doesn't dance with anyone but her husband...period. She's quite stubborn about that, but FI's okay with it and so am I.

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  • In Response to Re: What are your songs for the wedding? (1st dance, bride/father, groom/mother):
    [QUOTE]What about James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend" for you and your brother?
    Posted by rien713[/QUOTE]

    I like this idea. We weren't planning on doing father/daughter or mother/son dances, but if FMIL insists I might do this with my brother (he's walking me down the aisle, my father is not invited).

    Our first dance song: "Hard to Concentrate" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Love everybody's songs! I think most of them I either considered for one of my songs or they are my song. lol
    Sorry about your dad, afloggie.
    My songs:
    1st dance: Three Times A Lady-The Commodores (the only one of my songs that wasn't mentioned lol!)
    Father/daughter: Unforgettable-Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole
    Mother/son: My Wish-Rascal Flatts (FMIL actually picked it which was really shocking that bc she's not very mushy lol)

    Afloggie: What about Kenny Rogers' Through the Years or Hero by Mariah Carey?
  • First Dance: When i Said I do By Clint Black
    Father/Daughter : Maybe Butterfly Kisses but its kinda long so not sure yet thought about doing both Mother/Son and Daughter/Father together.
    Mother/Son : What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.
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