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Happy Tuesday! What’s on the agenda for working out/eating today?


I went for a run this morning and should have a healthy day today! Yesterday I had a salad for breakfast, leftover sandwich and orange for lunch and pork chop, rice and green beans for dinner.


What is your favorite healthy food and why?



Have a healthy day, ladies!

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Re: accountability

  • Yesterday I went to the gym and my machine was taken :(. I had to use the treadmill which I hate. I don't seem to burn as many calories, although my butt was sore after lol. I was on it for 40 min and then did 150 ab reps and 40 on my arms/chest area. My left elbow hurt while doing them so I'm not sure what i did to it. I also walked an hour in the cemetery during work. Yesterday was Day two of South beach! Breakfast~ two hard boil eggs and a bloody Mary minus the vodka! I have to have. Veggies in the AM so this is what I choose! Lunch~ 7 slices of low fat Ham and green beans. I had string cheese for my snack. I was hungry by 3:30 but I went for a walk and drank water and it passed. Dinner~ FI cooked a turkey breast in the crockpot so I had turkey and broccoli. I had pistachios for my snack!
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  • Are you enjoying South Beach? So you can't have any carbs? 
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  • That is impressive Jenn!!!! I cannot survive without carbs.  I have tried in the past and lasted about 2 days.  I found it very hard to limite my carbs that much and still have energy to workout!

    Yesterday was a good day although I took the most boring spin class ever!  The instructor was awful, I wanted to leave early but stuck it out (mostly becuase 6 people had already left in the middle of class and I felt bad!)

    Todays plan:
    B - The usual :-)
    L - Turkey sandwich, carrots and a string cheese
    D - Fish Tacos
    S - Apple and a hard boiled egg

    WO - Elliptical and Abs

    Have a great day!
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  • Good Morning everyone!
    I have decided enough is enough and no more excuses.  I am starting Atkins again today.  I have done it before with great success.
    I don't have time to go for my walk at lunch today with my friend.  I have to go to the dentist.   I will try to use my treadmill after work instead.

    For breakfast I am having scrambled eggs with ham.
    Lunch - tuna and salad.
    Dinner - not sure yet.

    I would really like to lose 20 lbs before we go to Mexico in May.  It sounds like alot but I know with atkins I can lose the first 10 lbs in just 2 weeks.  You need to be really careful though when you start adding carbs back in.  If you do too many too fast you will gain the weight back really fast.
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  • Hi Ladies!  Last night I did the Les Mille Pump Revolution home dvd... and man was it intense!  my arms and legs are a bit sore today. 

    this morning I had my Shake for breakfas
    Greek yogurt for snack
    I have a shake for lunch, but am considering going out to get a salad...I just don't want to spend the money...lol
    and for dinner I have no idea what to make!  I need some better dinner ideas.

    OH does anyone have an HEALTHY crock pot meals? 

    I'm thinking of making tonight and off day...  I only have one rest day a week but I still feel guilty taking a day off.  Does that happen to anyone else?

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  • I don't mind South Beach at all yet. I guess it's easier for me because FI is on Nutrisystem so I can't make pasta or pizza for just one. My dtr is picky so she always ate separate. I think the weekends will be tough with going out though. I've done Nurtisystem before and didn't cheat so I know I can do this until St pattys day and then my birthday the following wind. Rhonda another vacation! Lol just kidding! Good luck with the Atkins! Jenn I just made a turkey breast in the crock pot. You can always throw the small red potatoes, carrots, and celery in there! Now I have turkey for dinner and for my salads!
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  • I work alot of extra hours during March and April because of tax season.  I bank those hours and the last 3 years we have taken an extra vacation in Mexico to use them up and rest and recover.  This year we are taking our 5 year old granddaughter with us so who knows how much resting and relaxing we will get to do with a little bundle of energy along.  It should be alot of fun though!
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  • That's great, your granddaughter will love it! We are hiring an accountant assistant here! Wanna come then you can talk the DOF into firing my supervisor!!!!
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