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SC in the Fall/Mini Rant

Hi all!
I'm getting married on November 19th at a park in SC. I know it's not going to be super-warm, but it shouldn't be too freezing, should it? 
I hate to rant, but sometimes you just need to let it out, right?
Okay, so my fiancee and I are paying for our whole wedding ourselves. We planned on taking a loan out to help us out, but my FMIL says that we should wait to take out a loan until 3 months before the wedding!
 A little backround: Her daughter got pregnant out of wed, and her and the father of the baby decided to get married. They planned and exucuted the whole wedding in 3 months.
 I told my fiancee that just because they planned a wedding in 3 months, doesn't mean we WANT to, you know? It'd be so stressful.
Also, FMIL insists that we need to move the wedding back, that it'll be too cold. I've told her several times that it's not really possible, nor do I want to, but she won't let it go!
I don't mean to make FMIL out to be a monster, because she's not. She's really nice and helpful, and boy can she cook! Haha. I'm just really getting tired of her constant suggestions.

Re: SC in the Fall/Mini Rant

  • November in SC isn't too cold.  It'll be colder in the morning and at night, but temps are usually in the 70's ish, I believe.  

    I'm not sure what region you're getting married in, but this only applies for the Charleston area coz that's all I know.  Upstate gets colder quicker.
  • I think you should be fine in SC in November, however you shouldn't take out a loan to pay for the wedding. Just same up money many push back the wedding a little bit. Do you really want to start your marriage off in debt?
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  • In Response to SC in the Fall/Mini Rant:
    [QUOTE]Hi all! I'm getting married on November 19th at a park in SC. I know it's not going to be super-warm, but it shouldn't be too freezing, should it? [/QUOTE]

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but where in SC are you getting married? Mountainous area? Coast?  When I went on vacation near Charlotte the same weekend in November as you, it snowed.  Be prepared for changing weather in November and February in the Southeast :\
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    Definitely look into the temperature patterns of the city you're getting married in over the past few years. I lived in NC (Raleigh) for a few years and in November...I mean, I was cold! Especially in the mornings. You might be okay in the afternoon..but even then, I don't know..seems a little risky. October, yes. November, that's cutting it close.

    I agree with PPs about the loan..you definitely don't want to start off your marriage with a loan and thousands of dollars in debt hanging over your head. Don't be paying interest on your own wedding! DIY a bunch of things, see if you have any friends or family members with special talents or connections (i.e. my brother is doing our centerpieces for the reception, he has such a talent for it and is doing it at no cost to us which is amazing), cut your guest list down to a reasonable number that will make your wedding more affordable, etc. A loan is really not a good idea!
  • Hi all!
    We're getting married in Chesterfield, SC.

    As for the loan, we're taking it out of our 401ks. That way we're paying ourselves back, haha.
  • Im so sorry. Remember its about you and your fiance. To hell w/ everyone else who is gonna poo poo it.

    My advice, dont take out loans for your wedding. Just save. 500 a mo gives you 6grand in a yr. Once you get like 3 grand you can start slow. I dont know if you are planning a fancy or big wedding, but putting yourself into debt for it isnt the way to go. Money issues is number one one the divorce/ relationship fights list.

    I think its common for people to get a loan for the wedding, but you can save and still get a good one. We are currently buying a home, have 2 kids 12 and 2 and we are still saving for the wedding. Im just going through details and stuff now to keep my mind off things, but when the time comes, I will have researched and know exactly what I want.

    As for family, no one seems happy for me. So I can relate somewhat to the stress you have to listen to. You guys deserve it, celebrate your new beginning. I've never taveled so  keep an eye on temp trends out there. Good luck and enjoy your engagement

    You guys deser
  • In Response to Re: SC in the Fall/Mini Rant:
    [QUOTE]Im so sorry. Remember its about you and your fiance. To hell w/ everyone else who is gonna poo poo it.
    Posted by libraqueen[/QUOTE]

    Sure, it is their day, but a good hostess will take her guests comfort into consideration. It's not exactly considerate to guests to say to hell with you, you can freeze, because it's my day and that's how I want it. If it truly ends up being a cold day, it's important to realize that some guests may skip the outdoor ceremony and show up just for the reception.

    OP, does the park have an indoor alternative, that you could rent in case it is cold out or it rains? Might be worth looking into.
  • Speaking from someone who has lived in the area her whole life, in my opinion, it would definitely be too cold for an outdoor wedding on November 19th, especially recently. It didn't used to get that cold until around late December, but lately it has been getting colder earlier. I think the best thing is to have an indoor backup plan just in case you wake up one morning and it's freezing. I would go indoors either way, just in case, but if you are set on an outdoor wedding, with how the temperature can go back and forth around that time here, I would have a backup.

    If you're having an afternoon wedding, it would be a little more comfortable... but I still wouldn't suggest it. My sister got married on November 19th... and it snowed.
  • I dont know what your venue is like, but is the reception going to be indoors? Could you rent the portable heaters like bars and outdoor dining venues use? My wedding is in October in South Carolina, and I am making sure I tell my guests that it is outdoors and to dress in layers and pack a variety of clothes. Best of luck to you!

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