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Boutonniere question

I am buying boutonnieres for the groom, best man and my dad for sure... since they are the men that are officially in the "wedding party."  Although I  don't know if father of the bride really qualifies, but he is wearing the same tux my fiance and the best man are. 

My question is, do I buy bouts for the father of the groom and step-father of the groom too?  They will probably be wearing suit jackets, but not tuxes.  Also, then I wonder if I should get one for my uncle who contributed a significant amount of money towards my wedding... but then do I just need to get flowers for all of my uncles?

I am also planning on getting corsages for the mother of the groom, stepmother of the groom and my stepmother.  But what about the step-grandmother of the groom?  Oy!

I don't want to offend anyone, but I don't know what the ettiquette is for flowers.
Any thoughts?

Re: Boutonniere question

  • aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    I usually see parents and grandparents with flowers, but nothing beyond that.
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    I did... FOB, MOB, Bro. of Bride, and Sis of Groom. This represented the what I considered the "immediate" family. So in your case I would include the Step parents and since your Uncle helped maybe a nice TY gift? If you don't want to feel like your singling him out amongst your other uncles? Or if you have the budget....Get them all one...

    Oh...Then I gave my SIL's a rose and my BFF's a rose. 

    Really I think it all comes down to how YOU want to do it...IMO :)
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     I did my dad and stepmom (just to make my dad happy), MOG, FOG. Our best man was groom's sister, so she got a flower as well. We didn't have any grandparents in attendance.
  • pebbs_17pebbs_17 member
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    Our dad's will have a bout, as well as the 2 GM and of course my FH.

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    I would say the wedding party and the parents(and step) sounds good.

    We are only having FI wear a bout.
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    Thanks for all the input!  I think I am going to go with bouts for Groom, my Dad, Best Man, Father of the Groom and Step Father of the Groom.  Bouquets for me and my matron of honor (sister).  And then corsages for mother of groom, step mother of groom, and my stepmother..yes... just to keep my dad happy too  :)  I am also going to give a corsage to the groom's step-grandma, because she is a very nice older lady and I think she will actually appreciate it. 

    With all of these step-parents it gets a bit ridiculous (seriously, half my wedding guests will be getting flowers)... but I want to avoid as much friction as possible.
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