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I am soooo happy it's Friday!  I am ready for the work week to be over.  I got home yesterday and had another shower gift here-the rest of our towels, so that was exciting.  Also, FI bought me flowers and a card thanking me for all the wedding planning I was doing-I thought that was really sweet. 
  Not a whole lot going on this weekend-just some DIY projects, and possibly setting up at the flea market this weekend depending on the weather.
Have a great Friday!
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  • jezebelljezebell member
    edited December 2011
    Yay, it's Fridaaaay!  One year ago today we were in Vegas for a vacation and didn't know there was a big question in store for me.  I've been engaged for a year.  Can't believe it's been a year already -- so much to do yet.  Before I had a chance to say anything FI was reminding me that today's the day.  He's awesome.
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    I guess I should be excited it's Friday, but I have to work tomorrow morning at 7:30 so it's difficult!  I do have a half day today so that is good news!  Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I will have all of the STDs addressed and with stamps to go in the mail Monday.  (Although, I'm still waiting for my FMIL to send over her list! Yell)

    Summer/Jezebell: What sweet FI's you both have! 
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    Good Morning and TGIF! A rainy Friday here, but at least the weekend is almost here, and it's supposed to be nice tom. The Cherry Blossom Festival starts tom., and tom. is the Smithsonian kite festival, so DH and I are going to that and maybe a museum or two. Sunday we have church and membership inteviews to join our church. It's going to be a busy weekend!

    H- So sweet of your FI to thank you for all of the planning!
    Jez- Happy 1 year of being engaged! A Vegas engagement sounds exciting!

    Meg- Sorry to hear you have to work tom. Hope you can get the STDs out- I know how it is waiting on lists from people... eventually I just gave a deadline, and said, "If I don't receive your list by ___, then those people will not be receiving STDs." Be firm!

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    Gm All! Our alma mata (Syracuse) lost last night in the tourney, so that was disappointing, but my morning class was cancelled at least. I go to the office this afternoon, then we're looking at a home in wexford that looks promising.  This weekend I have a baby shower to attend and more homes to scope out.

    I'm mailing my bar exam application today - eeek!!!!!!

    AND - our wedding announcement is in our local paper back home - http://www.watertowndailytimes.com/article/20100326/CURR0303/303269992/-1//CURR0303

    Heather & Jezebell - such sweet DFs!!!
    Meg - booo to Saturday working.  At least it is only a half day
    Kim - wow- you're weekend is full!  have fun!
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    Good Morning Ladies! My second tasting last night was amazing!!  I feel so comfortable with my reception choice now!

    Kim- your weekend sounds awesome! have fun!!!

    thats awesome about the STDs duq!  just hand your MIL a pile of them and let her address them herself!  lol. ok, dont actually do that- but it would be pretty funny
  • LaFemmeRousseLaFemmeRousse member
    edited December 2011
    Good morning ladies!  It was about 20 degrees here with crazy wind last night, brrrr.  I had power yoga last night, then- adding one to the sweet FI pile :)- my FI surprised me with a massage appointment!  So relaxing and nice.

    We're meeting with a travel agent tonight to talk about some honeymoon plans, and I'm not entirely sure what to expect since I've planned every other trip we ever took myself.  Must practice letting go of some control, haha.

    Summer and Jezebell, yay for your thoughtful FIs :)  And Heather, I've officially started registry stalking for my shower, although I haven't actually gotten any gifts yet!
    Meg, sorry about the work tomorrow, hope it flies by!
    Kim, that sounds like such a nice weekend!  Are the trees blooming?
    Bri, your wedding announcement is so nice.  Good luck with the house in the best part of Pittsburgh ;)
    Sara, how did the tasting go?  Did you set your menu?

    Pittsburgh sig: Favorite thing about fall= college football!
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    very cute FIs all around today!

    My tasting was awesome! So delicious! And we finalized the menu- so thats another check!! 
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    I haven't been near the cherry blossoms yet, but I think they are just starting to bloom. Peak bloom is set for April 1-4 I believe.

    S- Great news about your tasting! I'm glad it made you feel confident in your choice. You had an issue with the first tasting, didn't you?

    LaFemme- A massage sounds wonderful! Hope you get some warmer weather soon!

    Bri- GL with the house this weekend! And yay for your wedding announcement- beautiful pic!

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    Jenn-Have fun planning the honeymoon! I've totally been trying not to stalk my registry but its so freaking harD!
    Sara-glad the menu tasting was a success!
    Jezebell-sounds like you've got a great FI-we got engaged 1 year from this coming Sunday!
    Bri- good luck on the house!

    Kim-sounds liek a great weekend!

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