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Hey Ladies!
 I'm looking for a REALLY good makeup artist in the Hot Springs area, dose anyone have any recommendation's??

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    I couldn't find anyone in Hot Springs, so I paid Tess from Glo Limited in Little Rock to drive down.  She's really good and she does lots of weddings.   I had to pay extra for her to come down on July 4th, but it was worth it. 

    I have an acquintance whose reception was at the Arlington and she had her makeup done at the salon there.  I never heard her complain, so they must have done a good job. 

    If you find a salon that does it, pay for them to do a test run.  It's worth it.  I did that with a place in Hot Springs (it's closed now), and then I did it with Tess.  That's why I know it was worth the extra money.
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