Bridesmaids-too many colors?

    I don't consider myself the most stylish person, so I am hoping to get your opinions on whether or not I am using too many colors for my bridesmaids. They are all wearing black dresses of their own choosing, and red heels to match the ones I'll be wearing. Before we had decided on the heel color, I was planning on them holding white bouquets. My question is --Is a black dress with red heels and a white bouquet too much? I know the colors wouldn't clash, but would it look cohesive or just messy? I will be holding a red bouquet, so should I keep theirs white or make them red like mine to match the shoes? Thanks for the help!
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Re: Bridesmaids-too many colors?

  • No!  That sounds really nice.  Keep it the way you have it.
  • I like the red/white/black combo. Any chance you could throw in a little black or red to the bouquets to sort of tie things together (like with a ribbon or something)?
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  • The color combo is good.  I learned from a friend years ago, who is an interior designer, to use a 60-30-10 ratio.  60% main color, 30% secondary color and 10% accent color.  It has never steered me wrong, even in situations that didn't invole interior decorating.
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  • That's a great idea! That will definitely make it flow more, I think. Thanks!
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