Bachelorette Party for Underage Bridesmaid

Hi all! I am getting married on Oct. 1, 2011 and trying to come up with ideas for the bachelorette party. I know someone just posted about bachelorette parties but I am a little different as one of my sisters will still be under 21 and thus the standard Power Plant bachelorette party won't do. I'm not sure a Spa day is what I want, as I'm honeymooning at a hot springs resort and spa. I'm thinking something active. Go-karting, laser tag, water sports, bowling, anything like that. A whole weekend is not out of the question. Any ideas or suggestions???

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    I am seriously trying to convince my MOH that we should do my bachelorette party a month early and go tubing in Harper's ferry. just rent an extra tube for your beer cooler! :)
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    You could go to an xpose fitness class (as long as your sister is 18+), take a dance class (like salsa, tango, etc), go to Sunday in the Country or another large concert, rent a cabin at deep creek lake and spend the weekend skiing, snowboarding, or tubing, go to a nascar race, go to an indoor waterpark (if its cold), take a st michaels boat tour, bus trip to nyc, have an at home cooking instruction, etc. hope this helps 
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    I was thinking of the same idea the PP said.  The Xpose class is really fun, and a great way to bond with your BMs.  It's not trashy, it's a great workout, and you might learn some moves for your honeymoon! ;)

    Another idea might be a day at an amusement park.

    You could also have a cocktail-making party (your sister could make virgin drinks).  Give a juice/drink as the "secret ingredient" sort of like on Iron Chef and see what the girls can come up with.  You can be the judge!  Then, if things actually turn out good, make sure you write down the recipe and maybe even have it as a special drink on your wedding day.  [this idea was just me thinking off the top of my head, so could use some refining, but sounds like fun!]

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    Thanks for the suggestions ladies! Now I've got the creative juices flowing!
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    Hello, I know that PP is the usual spot for bachelorette parties. If your sister is underage, you might want to try Bourbon Street on Thursday nights. It is 18 and up and is pretty much the same type of club as PP. Good luck on deciding and congrats!!
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