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what do [grooms]men want?

My fiance is having a hard time deciding what gifts to buy his groomsmen. We want to stay away from the money clip, flask, etc. type of gifts. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Re: what do [grooms]men want?

  • i always think it's better to do personal gifts. get each guy something that they like and that they will use. the generic gifts are boring!
  • Think "birthday" and not "groosmen" when shopping for gifts.  That's the best way to go. 
  • We had no idea, and have even less of an idea for "birthday shopping" although for most people I agree with that.

    We got them all a bottle of wine (around 20-30 for each bottle), a cigar cutter (I think was like 15 a piece for a silver one with their initials engraved in it), and we are getting them each probably 3 nice cigars. They all like to have a cigar now and again, and they all liked wine, so we made it work. We were going to do a bottle opener... but decided to just do the cigar cutter. We were also thinking zippo lighter to go with the cigars... but decided against that as well.
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    Buy for them like you would for their birthdays.  Make their gifts personal and don't think "wedding" when buying them.  Also, perhaps your FI should take the lead on this; he may know better than you what they would like.

    Edit: what i mean is maybe your FI will have some ideas if you shop for more personal gifts and not things wedding related.
  • In addition to what everyone has said, you don't need to get them the same gift, though you should try to spend about the same amount on each.
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  • We personalized the gifts one way or another.  We got our BM a bottle of his favorite Bourbon along with a nice crystal decanter and matching glasses set (we spent more on him because in addition to regular best man stuff he flew across country to attend the tasting and basically made himself available for anything we needed him to do, and threw together an awesome bachelor party for my DH).  For the rest of the groomsmen we got them little things we thought they would like.  One we gave an engraved iPod shuffle, another got engraved cufflinks, another got an engraved flask, and the last one got a small bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label because he likes Johnnie Walker.  I think if you get them little things like money clips or flasks, you should at the very least engrave them to give with either their name or initials, all the guys seemed to really like their gifts.
  • DH's GMs each got a personalized Swiss Army knife.   They were engraved and each knife was tailored to the individual guy(electrician, hunter, handyman).  The guys loved them and according to their wives, they use them for everything.
  • I really dont see what the big deal about bridal party gifts groomsmen would like anything they could use, and my bridesmaids would like anything they could wear....simple and done
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  • I have no clue what to get my bridesmaids but I think we are getting all of our groomsmen personalized baseball bats.
  • Our groomsmen are all big drinkers with expensive taste in alcohol. We are thinking about going that route for most of them with the exception to the BM which is Fi's father who doesn't drink. Who knows what we get him. because we have trouble deciding what to get him for the holidays. Good luck! Guys are less particular than girls, but still harder to decide.
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