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Cake Prices

I was just wondering, if you don't mind saying, how big your cake was, and how much you paid for it? I don't like hardly any of the bakeries that I have looked into in my area....and want to make sure the one place I do like isn't ripping me off or something.


Re: Cake Prices

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    Price has a lot to do with location.  You may get a better idea from brides in your area.  Try posting this on your local board to get local price results.

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    I've read cakes can cost from $2 to ten times that per slice. It depends on location, style, flavor, size, and decorations.
  • rascal17rascal17 member
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    prices vary from place to place, even in the same city as they have to factor in overhead costs into everything they bake (labour costs, rent, electricity..). I live in Vancouver BC and I make wedding cakes on the side out of my apartment and I charge $3/serving. But Ive heard of price ranges from $1.50 up to $10.00 or more per serving. 
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    It definitely depends on where you're looking, the intricacy of the cake, and sometimes even the flavors. Our venue will do cakes on-site and charges $2.50/serving. For tha price the baker will still do pretty much any design you want, but I'm sure if you wanted something over the top labor-intensive, the price would increase, as is usually the case. You really just have to browse and quote bakers in your area. 
  • Kimberly0402Kimberly0402 member
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    It seems like cakes in Upstate New York run anywhere from $2.50 a slice to $5.50. That's what I've found.
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    From what I've found..average around here-Ohio seems to be about 2.75-3.50 per slice, with fondant about 4.50 per slice. Haven't ordered on yet though so I don't have an exact price for ya.
  • Piston89Piston89 member
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    well thank you ladies, you've been helpful! The lady I'm looking into seems to be relatively average I guess. :)
  • mpatt2122mpatt2122 member
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    Luckily my MIL is baking our cake but from what I have seen about $3 per slice.
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