Vendor Reviews 4/20/12

Hey! I didnt use theknot THAT often but I always checked on it to look at the vendor reviews, so I wanted to make sure that I did mine!

Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo, Lincoln, NE: A+, They were awesome, I went to the store in Lincoln because I had seen alot of his dresses and I loved them all. So I went there one day and bought my dress that day. They make it specifically for you, nothing is off of the rack. Received the dress a few months after I ordered it and it was perfect. I used the alterations person at Alfred Angelo, because I was too nervous to go anywhere else and have them mess up my dress, it really was not expensive, I know for a fact that Davids Bridal is MORE expensive, I was very pleased with everything. They were always very helpful and so nice! Had a wonderful experience.

Bridesmaid dresses: Davids Bridal, Omaha, NE: B, Everything went pretty well, had my bridesmaids pick out their dresses and everything was fine, until I called one day to ask them a question and they said "Oh by the way, the dress is going out of stock and everyone needs to have them ordered by Tuesday." which was in like 4 days, so I had to get on the phone with all of my bridesmaids and make sure everyone bought there dress ASAP. Other then that it was pretty okay. It is a little chaotic in there most of the time as far as dress fitting goes, but everything got done and nothing went wrong, so it was good.

Nails: Legacy Spa, A+, they were awesome, I had a big wedding party and they have a lot of pedi chairs, but they also put out tables and you can bring in champagne and all that and it was awesome and so much fun! And the bride gets a discount for bringing in her wedding party!

Rehearsal Dinner: Spaghetti Works, Downtown Omaha- A+, so good and cheap! We got the party room for free and then we had about 60 people there and they got to order off of the menu and everyone got salad bar and it was all very delicious and very very good. We loved it!

Makeup: Katy Cornell, A+, she is a friend of mine and works for Mary Kay, she did my makeup and a few friends and she was awesome.

Hair: Kylie Talacko, I-Salon, A++, I have known Kylie forever and she is one of my oldest friends and has done my hair since before she went to hair school, so I knew she was going to do awesome. But my wedding party was 9 bridesmaids, including herself, and she did so awesome!! She had a lot of pressure and came out on top, could not have asked for anyone better.

Flowers: Flowers For Special Occasion, Omaha, NE: A, The only complaint I have is that they are not good getting back to you via email, if you want or need anything call them. Other then that, the flowers were so beautiful! I really didnt know what I wanted going into our meeting because I just dont know that much about flowers, so I kind of explained what I imagined and the flowers were SO amazing and beautiful. The boquets were huge and I get the middle size, they were honestly the most beautiful flowers ever. Loved them!
Transportation- Nebraska Party Bus, A+, no complaints. They were awesome, we really only had the bus for an hour because our wedding was on a Friday, and we had to pay the 5 hr wedding price, which sucked, but the bus was probably my favorite part, it was so much fun! The driver was very nice and everyone commented on how awesome it was.

DJ- Audioscenery, Mike Kolker, A++, he is amazing. We had seen him at a few weddings before and knew what to expect and he certainly did not dissapoint. He is so good at what he does, he gets the party going all the time, my biggest concern was that I wanted the dance floor full the entire night and it was!

Reception Hall: Scoular Ballroom, A+, Lisa Roth is so amazing to work with, she is so nice and she is so helpful with everything. We got so many compliments on our reception location. It was so beautiful, I would highly recommend it.

Photographer: PhotoOmaha, Dave Uhlig, A++, he is awesome, he is so easy to work with and makes you feel so comfortable. He seriously was like another part of our wedding, he was so much fun. I would recommend that if you have some certain pictures that you want specifically, then write them down and let him know. He sticks to the basic pictures a lot, but they all look amazing. I really did not need any more pictures but I do kind of wish I would have thought of some different cute ideas to tell him, he is definitely open to any ideas you will have. Awesome guy.

Caterer: Attitude on Food, A+++, oh my gosh. They are so amazing! Nathan and Melissa are so nice and so easy to work with. I cannot say enough nice things about Melissa, she is so amazing and we still keep in touch. Nathan's food is honestly the best wedding food ever, we got SO SO SO many compliments on our food! I do not know how many people told me that they were going to call me about the catering info whenever they needed a caterer. Everyone raved about our food, and they are SO reasonably priced!!!! We did a buffet and had 2 meat options and a veggie, potato, salad, and a roll, and it was like $11.75 per person and $8.75 for kids, who got a plate with chicken fingers, fries, and fruit. It was so amazing! Highly highly highly recommend them!!!

Alcohol: Cornhusker Beverage, B-, Just a few complaints regarding the alcohol. We were told we were going to have 2 bars and when we got there, there was only 1. We called and were able to get another bartender, but still, we needed 2 bars, we had over 350 people. When we sat down with the guy from Cornhusker he seemed very confident about the amount of alcohol we would need, even though we kept telling him "our families really like to drink, I feel as though we need more," he told us that he was sure it would be enough, we still added more to make us feel a little more comfortable, but at 7:30 pm we were down to 1 bottle of white wine, and by 9 pm we were down to a few bottles of Vodka, so our best man ran out to get more alcohol, we had an open bar, and then it was all fine, but I would just recommend getting as much alcohol as you think you need. I know he has been doing this for a while, but every family is different. Noone noticed that we were running low, except us, thank god, but still, it would have been nice to have had the right amt. The price is awesome though, they are really cheap for what they told us we needed for 300 plus people, it was just a little over $2,000 for open bar.

Invitations/Programs: Dianes Stationary, A+, she was amazing. I was told to go to Cornhusker because they are good and cheap and when I went to look there noone helped me, so I looked elsewhere, She does it out of her house and you can go as cheap or as expensive as youd like and its very 1:1 and she is awesome. Very helpful and knows exactly what she is doing! Loved them! We got SO many compliments on our invites. I just ordered my save the dates from online at they were magnets and also turned out great.

Cake: Sue Fees, A+, my husband works with a woman who's sister in law does cakes for weddings and other stuff, and so we met with her and she was awesome. the cake was so amazing!!! We got so many compliments on the cake! it was delicious and I have already had a bunch of people ask me for her information.

Overall, our wedding day was everything we wanted and more! We were so thrilled how everything turned out. Please email me if you have any questions about any of my vendors and also you can check out and click under weddings for our wedding pictures if you want to see them, we were married 4/20/12.

Thanks! Hope you find this helpful!
Courtney Jackson

Re: Vendor Reviews 4/20/12

  • Yay! That is a great review. I am just a little over a month away from my wedding and I am excited to do my review. Haha.

    Glad everything worked out well. One question though: Where did you have the ceremony at?


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