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September 2010 Weddings

How to include children in Ceremony

Ok.. I'm new at this...the last time I planned a wedding it was almost 22 years ago and no children involved...
Now that I am remarring...I want to include my 3 daughters which are 16, 18 and 21...their dad remarried a year ago and they had a sand ceremony...is there anything else that can be
done without using the sand?

Re: How to include children in Ceremony

  • You can gift them a necklace during the ceremony or another piece of jewelry.
  • Could you have them lighting the unity candle with you guys?  I've seen it be the mother of thebride and groom, and I don't know if it would be too crowded having five people light the candle, but it could be a nice thing to do, saying a little something beforehand about uniting your families.
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  • Maybe you could do a more specialized Unity candle. You could call it a family candle and have one taper for each person in the family, one for you, one for FI, and one for each child?

    http://www.2.a-weddingday.com/weddings/blendingfamilyweddingceremony.html This site has some family unity ceremony ideas (some are a little young for your daughters' ages, but you can always take an idea and customize it to your liking!)

    I've also heard of using water for a unity ceremony, with different colors of water.
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  • are you going to have bridesmaids?? You can just have them as your 3 bridesmaids probably!
  • Amanda is right on--- I'm the one using the Unity Water--I highly reccomend it :o)
    Water stands for Purity and we are using one empty pitcher (that will have a seal/cap) that we are pouring into with two small vases on the sides- one with Yellow Water and one with Red Water (using food coloring) and when mixed they make Orange! :o)

    I know you have a few more people than we do so maybe you can have one color with your daughters (since they are your own) in 4 small flask like bottles and your FI can have another color all his own...when mixed with yours you become united as a family :o)...what are you wedding colors?? Blue and Red can make purple, Yellow and Blue make Green, etc. Try it at home first and see what you think :o) HTH

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  • I think the water thing sounds really cool!
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  • At work at the moment, but we have found some great vows to use to say to our daughter. We are going to give her a monogrammed necklace.
  • My FI has a 21-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old son.  They will be in the wedding party.
  • Blaire -- thats a good idea too :o)


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