Prices for Photobooths?

Looking for a photobooth for Friday evening wedding reception. Anyone have any prices for winter weddings? And recommendations?

Re: Prices for Photobooths?

  • I used Shutterbooth, they were great. My wedding was a Saturday night in the fall so I have no idea how much the price would differ, but I believe I paid about $1200 for 4 hours.
  • Thanks Jessa, anyone else have input?
  • I used GoFestive.  It was $1000 for 4 hours.  I received a small discount for my Friday wedding...I want to say like $75 off.  I know last year they had a 20% discount for winter weddings, but mine was in May.  I'd recommend checking them out!  They were great.
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    I found a groupon for $500 for Chariot Photo Booth. I think they are regularly around $1000 for 5 hours.
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