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New Hampshire

Name your TA

FI and I have been gifted a sum of money that is to be used for the HM only. We want to go to Europe. We were thinking a cruise originally, but now not so much. If you have a TA already or know of a good one < Insert Here > or If you have been to Italy, all info is welcome :)

Re: Name your TA

  • I'm assuming TA stands of travel agent?  If so, why do you want one?  I've been to several countries in Europe for long trips, including Italy, and have never used a travel agent.  The internet has great resources and I would also recommend getting  Farmers Travel Guides (or something similar) for listings of hotels.  Then go look at them online to make better selections.

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  • i agree with melb in this day of technology a TA is no longer needed
  • I think I'd feel more comfortable using one if anything goes wrong they can handle the problems.  We're not opposed to doing it ourselves we just want to see what a travel agent can offer and we'll price compare from there.
  • I have had good luck with the agents at AAA.  When we went to the Bahamas, luggage was lost.  The airport was absolutely no help.  They said the bags would be on the next flight in and they weren't.  It wasn't until our TA called that suddenly our luggage was going to be hand-delivered to our hotel, saving us a 40 dollar taxi ride back and forth.  I can't remember who we used that time but have found that they are fantastic.  
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  • We used Karen Powell at Liberty Travel in Nashua to book our HM and she was FABULOUS!!! Every recommendation she had was perfect.  We did not have to worry about a thing.  We did a cruise to the Bahamas, and we found a deal online and we showed her what we found...she got us a better price, an onboard credit, and a better cabin.  It was totally worth it to sit down and talk to her. Also, we felt better booking such a big trip with someone who knew what they were doing. Can't say enough about her.  DH and I said we are going to book all of our vacations with her from now on.
  • We're planning on going to Italy, for two weeks.  Going to Europe, is a first for us, it feels completely different than our trips to Mexico, Miami, Canada and what not.  It's the most important trip for us, so we want to feel secure that everything will go smoothly.
  • We booked our own---a few days in Miami and then an 8-day cruise.  We delayed the HM, and are leaving at the end of next week...can't wait!
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