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No direct flights to Maui from San Jose California! Ugh!

Im searching packages for our honeymoon and really getting frustrated. I cant find any direct flights out to Maui, Not even from Hawaiian airlines. Does anyone know a way to get a great deal and direct flights that i dont know. I dont travel much and would really appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance!
Mrs Marino

Re: No direct flights to Maui from San Jose California! Ugh!

  • What's wrong with a layover?
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  • im going from SFO to maui and we're connecting in LAX. you might be able to find a direct flight, but you're constrained to the time and it could cost more. most people end up with a layover. nothing wrong with it.
  • I haven't seen any direct. They all have a stop in honalulu. That is a busy airport and you should be able to find a flight to maui with out a long layover. I was not happy about it when I went a couple years ago but it wasn't that bad.
  • Most of the airports in HI fly to Oahu, and then out of there because it is a major airport.  No one likes layovers, but what else can you do?  It's really no big deal.
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  • If there aren't any direct flights from San Jose, it's because there aren't enough customers in San Jose to make it worthwhile. Either fly into LAX or HNL and get a connecting flight from there. Seriously not a big deal - and you won't necessarily have that long a layover either. Just make sure you have 1½ hours inbetween your scheduled arrival time and the next flight's departure time.
  • lost luggage = awesome excuse to update your wardrobe. ;)

    worst case, you get your luggage in a day or so. no biggie. :)
  • FinkFink member
    You can definitely get a direct flight from LAX to Maui. 
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  • Alaksa Air goes nonstop between SJC and OGG.

    There are also direct flights from SFO and OAK to OGG.
  • Always pack your bikini in your carry on. Always!
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