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Hey Ladies!

Can anyone recommend a great florist on the inexpensive side that is in Wausau or central WI area?

I am still debating if I am doing real flowers or silk - any suggestions? I am allergic to flowers (sad) so that is sort of my reasoning for doing silk, but another reason I was thinking silk is because they are less expensive than real flowers.

I have stood up in weddings before and my allergies were fine with real so I think it would be okay. Idk...any suggestions would be great :)

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Re: Florists in Central WI

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    I am also allergic to flowers but still went with the real deal, just not as many. I got married outside and only had flowers during the ceremony. We didn't have any in the reception hall.

    As for florist, have you checked out the WI knottie website and looked at vednor reviews? We have a lot of florist reviews. The link to the site is in my siggy!

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    Oh thanks Becky that helps a lot :)
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    Flowers of the Field... She's near Knowlton so just south of Wausau, but does WONDERFUL work!

  • I am going with Flowers By Christine in Rothschild.  She has been very easy to work with and a very good price.  We have a large bridal party, 6 standing up  on each side, then all the grandparents, ushers, etc... and an arrangement for the church and head table, it was under $1000.  I am doing all the centerpieces myself with tall cylinder vases and fake callas submerged to save money.  I am also in the process of planning a wedding in Wausau while living out of town and have checked out a lot of the venues and djs, etc... in Wausau, so email me if you have any questions! 
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