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I sent a Bridal Shower gift to FI's cousin at the end of November.  I had to work and was unable to attend the shower in person.  The gift was delivered on their front porch on 11/22 and I still haven't seen a thank you note.  When FMIL sent her gift, she got a thank you on Facebook AND a couple weeks later a thank you card...

I want to ask if she received it because if  not, there is a problem...If she did receive it, I'm going to be really pissed if I didn't get a thank you...

My question is...should I question it?

Re: How Long...

  • Well I received wedding gifts in November and I just received my custom TY cards yesterday so there are a few people who are waiting for my TY note.  The ones received from my family/friends I personally acknolwedged.  The ones from FI's side, yeah, I don't think they've been acknowledged.  So, I will be getting those few TY notes out today.Embarassed To be honest, I thought I would do them all after the wedding, but when I posted about that here last week, I was told that I need to get them out ASAP. 

    I totally understand that you want to confirm that she got the gift, but I also understand that she received it right around the holidays and is probably super busy w/ holidays and wedding planning.  She may not realize that she's offending you.
  • I understand that you want to have a TY note.  It would make me upset as well if I didn't recieve one.  When I had my shower I had someone writing all the gifts that I had recieved down, but I also recieved some that were not on the list in the mail, or later on so it wasn't on the list, and I had forgotten to make a TY note.  I did remember a month or so later, but I still felt really bad. 

    Maybe this is what happened, if your FMIL got a thank you note than maybe she just forgot because it wasn't written down or whatever.  But, she should have atleast sent you a TY over FB. 

    I don't know what to say to you, if it was me, I would just leave it. 
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    I feel like I should leave it, but at the same time I'm worried she didn't get the gift.  It's not the aspect of not getting the Thank You Card, but since I shipped it (just like FMIL) and the tracking says it was left at the door, it worries me...I guess I'll give it some more time...

    Doesn't help I'm not a fan of this cousin in the least and didn't want to send her a gift in the first place...ok that's the end of my ugly moment for the day.

    Thanks girls!
  • Was it something off of her registry?  If so, then I'm sure she knows by looking at her registry that it was purchased.  If she doesn't receive it, she would contact the store to find out who purchased it.  Unless its C&B, then you can look right online to see who bought it!!

    Maybe you can ask someone closer to her if she received it or not...
  • I think I would just causally bring it up.  Like "hey I left your shower gift on the porch.  I just wanted to make sure you got it."  If she is thanking people on FB where you can see it them I would just ask.  
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