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Okay - so I've been trying to get these STDs out for over a month now... but I keep getting stuck at the wording for the envelopes and whether or not I should use labels. How exactly do you word them? And should I write or print labels. The envelopes I have cannot be printed on from the computer.

Mr. & Mrs. John Smith
... OR ...
Mr. & Mrs. John & Jane Smith
... OR ...
John & Jane Smith

Do you include children or is that come in when you do the invitations.

FYI: We are having a formal wedding with about 220+ guests.

Re: Save the Date Address Wording & Other Etiquette

  • Since you're having a formal wedding I would go with Mrs. and Mr. Jane and John Doe.As an FYI the man should never be separated from his last name so the woman is always listed first.

    If there are children invited I would go with:

    Mrs and Mr. Jane and John Doe
    Sally and Mike Doe


    The Doe Family.

    FWIW, It's always nicer to handwrite the names/addresses but I'm not offended by labels.

  • I think Mrs. Jane and Mr. John Doe looks a little less weird than Mrs. and Mr. Jane and John Doe.

  • STDs are informal, so don't get too worked up over the addressing.  I addressed the STDs to "John and Jane Smith" if I'm only inviting the couple, or "The Smith Family" if I'm inviting the couple plus children.
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:117dbb51-7acf-4af5-8764-4136f67d78fbPost:943bef0b-dcf8-401d-911a-f5e19e1772f9">Re: Save the Date Address Wording & Other Etiquette</a>:
    [QUOTE]I think Mrs. Jane and Mr. John Doe looks a little less weird than Mrs. and Mr. Jane and John Doe.
    Posted by MyUserName1[/QUOTE]

    I agree with this.

    Also, you should definitely handwrite your invitation envelopes, but nice wrap-around labels are probably acceptable for the STDs.
  • I hate the Mrs & Mr thing, so I left off titles on our STDs (they're less formal anyway).  If you plan to invite the kids include them on the STD, whether by name or "The Smith Family".  Again, STDs are less formal so labels would be okay, but handwritten is always better.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Doe is fine in my opinion. I prefer that to listing both first names, but that's just me.

    They can be addressed more casually than the invites are since these are only save the dates.

    Also, a PP said that invites should be handwritten - not necessarily. Printed labels look so tacky, but if you're able to print the addresses directly on the envelopes that is just as accepted nowadays as handwriting/calligraphy is. For STD's, do whatever.
  • Thanks ladies for the help! I can finally finish them and get them sent out! :)
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