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What do you think of Seal and Send wedding invites? Are they cheesy or a good way to save money? I know traditional wedding invites can be pretty extravegant with all the envelopes, paper, and fillers...and don't get me wrong, they are beautiful but nobody I know ever keeps wedding invites so why go over the top like that???

Am I crazy? I have time to mull over invite styles and was curious about your opinions
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Re: Seal 'n' Send Invites

  • GeauxTigers17GeauxTigers17 member
    edited November 2010
    Since you asked for opinions...I don't like the idea, even for an extremely informal wedding. Not trying to hurt your feelings, but I think you can find some inexpensively printed cards (you could even just do a plain card in any light color with contrasting ink in flat print) that would look good and still be cost effective. You don't have to do letterpress or engraving to find something pretty.

    How informal is your wedding? Remember that people will form an impression of your wedding from the invitation - it's the first official thing they'll see. Unless your wedding is incredibly informal (and if it is, I've got suggestions for you other than seal and send) then these will look really out of place. 

    I just think these are business-related, for the most part, and should remain in that field.

  • Personal oppinions aren't really going to do you any good because it's your wedding and the only thing that matters is what makes you comfortable.

    That being said, I have one word for you SAMPLES, SAMPLES, SAMPLES!!

    Most printers will send you free samples of the products they offer.  I thought about seal n send invites and got some samples of some really nice invites at an awesome price!!  Plus, plain white invites are the most inexpensive invite you can get, you can always spruce them up with ribbon or some other accessory to match your wedding theme.  Try this site
    the selection is not as large as other sites but the prices are a welcomed change for the bride on a budget, like me!
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