I ran a bunch of errands this morning and wanted to let you ladies know of some stuff I found along the way...

Amer - They have glasses similar to my margarita glass at red robin (the spotted one) on sale/clearance at Pier 1

Pier 1 also has tons of items on sale/clearance (of course availability and selection varies by store) that could be used as wedding stuff.  I saw little baskets for $0.98 each (could be used for favors, gifts, hold paper/candy/etc) and cake serving sets for $21.  They also have all Halloween stuff on sale and I saw a lot of summer and fall items on sale, including candles.

On a separate note, I got a new bcp script for Loestrin.  Have any of you taken that?  Good/bad?

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    Dont tell me about Pier 1!! I need not to spend money! LOL

    I wish you luck on thet BCP, i don't do well with any it seems :(  So rubbers it is.
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    Well the Yaz has killed 99% of my libido (TMI) so I'm gonna give it a try.  I only plan to be on bcp for another year or two, then have kids, then one of us is getting snipped lol.
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    I was thinking of stopping in Pier 1 yesterday as we went to Macy's in KOP to get some registry items checked off, now i might have to go!!! Maybe tomorrow pampered chef tonight.

    HM i completely agree, BCP for 2 years, kids then snip snip!
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    My sister is actually starting Loestrin on Monday. She had to switched because regular bc made her feel depressed and anxious. Hope it works out well for you!
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    I was on Loestrin for years. It was the best birth control I was ever on. Then I had to get sh!t insurance and swiched off and gained like 30 pounds. Awesome!! Frown

    I just got an IUD recently and it was the best idea ever

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    [QUOTE]Well the Yaz has killed <span style="font-weight:bold;">99% of my libido</span> (TMI) so I'm gonna give it a try.  I only plan to be on bcp for another year or two, then have kids, then one of us is getting snipped lol.
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    Ditto. I was not on Yaz though. I think no bcp works for me though, in one way or the other.
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    I looove Pier one.  Now I have to go there tomorrow b/c you posted this.  I probably would have anyway b/c it's next to the dollar store and I want to stop in there for a few things. 

    I had to get off BCP.  I took all different ones til I realized it just wasn't for me.  I just can't do horomones. 
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    Pier 1- love for MBR

    And ditto PP- the IUD was the best decision I ever made regarding BC. 

    And ditto other PP- someone is getting snipped snipped.  And that someone would be DH.
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    MH, I heart you.  Just got paid yesterday and I am making JEGs drive me there today.  Yippee!!

    Cannot help with the birth control-- never been on it.
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    Ive been on Loestrin for 2 weeks now and I like it.  I was on seasonique for a while and recently started having some issues with it.  I wanted to try Yaz but my dr. reccomended Loestrin instead.  I havent been on it that long but so far I havent noticed anything unusual. 

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