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military clause vs. wedding insurance


A reception location I am looking at said they can't do a military clause but some couples have opted to get wedding insurance instead.  Does anyone know anything about this and can provide their thoughts?  Would it really cover us if my FI suddenly received orders?

Re: military clause vs. wedding insurance

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    I never looked into wedding insurance since H was on shore duty when we got married.  From what I understand though of wedding insurance, yes it does give cover you.  With our reception location, we made sure just in case that if we did have to change the date for some reason (since nothing is a guarantee with the military) that they would just move our deposit and contract to a new date, and we wouldn't lose anything because of it.  We knew we were going to have our wedding at home and at that location, we just couldn't guarantee the date.  If a place won't even do that for you, then you might want to consider another location. 
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    We made sure every vendor knew we were military and they said if we ended up having to change the date because of Military reasons they would work with us.  If any place you want to go with won't work with you on possible date changes because of Military obligations I would think twice about working with them.
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    wedding insurance only works if you can provide to the insurer, in writing, that your FI has leave for that day and he suddenly gets orders. I looked into it, and couldn't find a single vendor that would sell me the insurance without written leave.
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    WOW! Def would look into other options if I were you. Like PP's said, there is never nothing certain in the military.
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    My vendor made a military amendment saying that with orders provided they will move our wedding date to a open day at no charge to us. You also need to get this because some places try to not refund you your money if heaven forbid they die. We had a place here in Arizona who refused to give a bride her money back when her fiance died overseas...it got on the news and magicially they got a concious. I wouldn't get wedding insurance just another vendor.

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