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I don't know if anyone here uses P90X, but I need some help.  I just ordered the used dvd's on Ebay, but the person I bought them from didn't have the books with the order you're supposed to do them.  Can anyone please help me here?
slevesquemut at hotmail dot com

Re: P90X Help

  • Hey!
       The books should have arrived with the videos. You may want to email the seller and request them. If not, contact (the p90x folks) and see if they can help you. I love P90X! Good luck!
  • I'm planning on stealing my FI's dvds so if I succed I will let you know the order.
  • I actually have PDFs of the meal plan, nutrution guide and instructions. The problem is the file sizes are enormous! Maybe I can upload them to my planning bio and you can download from there.

    Shoot me am email: kthame2010 at yahoo dot com and I'll give you the details!

    I'm also starting up P90x again (did it in May), so depending on when you start, we can be buddies! :)
    Finally...we are Mr. & Mrs.!!! WooHoo!!!

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