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Wedding invite for host of bridal shower?

There is a woman at out church who will be hosting my bridal shower. I don't personally know her (my mom does, though), but she is the person who does this kind of thing for people in the church. Since she is hosting, I'm wondering if it would be etiquette to invite her to the wedding, or if it's not necessary? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Re: Wedding invite for host of bridal shower?

  • Miss_SophiaMiss_Sophia member
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    If it were me, since she's hosting the party and knows your mom, I think it would be in good taste to extend an invitation to your wedding.
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    You definitely have to invite her. Isn't she purchasing all the food, alcohol, invites, decorations, etc? I think it would be rude not to.
  • lizstill13lizstill13 member
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    I would invite her. If nothing else you'll get to know her at your shower.
  • WGachesWGaches member
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    While I agree with the PP, there are 22 hostesses for my home church shower (yes, 22. We have a large church familiy) and not all of those ladies are on the guest list. The lady who is in charge of the shower went over the wedding guest list with my Mom when she was getting addresses for shower invites. The hostesses who aren't invited to the wedding are aware of the situation; that's just what they do in our church. There is a committee of ladies who makes sure showers are hosted for women in the church who are getting married. So, I would say it depends on your church, and what is accepted in your area.
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