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Hi! Did anyone DIY their centerpieces for the Grandview?  Our wedding is getting huge and I am thinking about doing something simple with candles or something instead of an elaborate centerpiece.  If you did DIY your centerpieces, how did set up work without a florist?  Did the grandview staff set them up for you or did you have to send someone to do it?  Thanks ladies :)
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Re: Grandview Centerpieces

  • Hey Katee- I ended up going with floral centerpieces, but had originally wanted lanterns and candles. I 95% remember the Grandview was going to set this up for us- but maybe confirm with them first!

    The Grandview setup our table numbers, all of our favors, the menus (provided by them) and the seating chart- they are just fantastic.
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    I am getting married at The Grandview in July 2013 and I was told that they will set everything up. I was told that a good idea is to set up the tables how we want them (at home perhaps) and take pictures and give them all of the materials and pics when we bring them to the venue before the wedding so they know exactly how we want everything set up. They seem amazing there & I cant wait for my wedding! Goodluck with yours!
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