I'm BACK!...with a few recommendations

Hello everyone!!!  Congratulations to those that got married in September and October.  I got married September 19th in Sonoma and returned from our honeymoon on October 8th.  I'm finally settled in enough to get online! :) The wedding was amazing and so was the honeymoon.  The majority of our vendors made the wedding run so smoothly!  If any of you are looking for vendors here are some recommendations:Hair and Make-up - DO NOT GO WITH NINA BARBOSA!! She was 2 1/2 HOURS LATE!! This made it impossible to take pictures before the wedding like we had wanted.  AND she did not stay until I walked down the aisle as promised.  The list of negatives goes on and on including her asking me days before the wedding how I came up with the total amount owed and that I needed to add $100 for travel.  I referred her to the contract SHE WROTE which stated the total AND that travel was INCLUDED!  I know a lot of people rave about her...I was one of those but being that late with no explaination and no apology on my wedding day was inexcusable to me.DJ - Tony Muzzin with Nor Cal Pro Sound was awesome.  We got so many compliments about him! He really took the time to listen to what we wanted as clients and was extremely knowledgable. website is  He was the most affordable that we found.Photography - Jody Yorston we are also getting so many compliments about our photos.  She and her husband are very laid back, professional, and put people at ease during the wedding.  Everyone loved how they were never really "seen" and were very professional and personable.Ledson Winery and Vineyard - we booked our wedding when they weren't advertising as a wedding venue.  Since then their site fee has more than doubled what we paid.  But the venue was wonderful, everyone enjoyed all of the wine we provided at the wedding and were blown away at the castle.  The staff was extremely attentive and professional, they really took care of us as the bride and groom.Caterer - DK Catering AWESOME!! I cant say enough about Chef Dave and Patricia (a husband and wife duo).  Very professional...they too listened to what our vision was and immediately fixed anything we didnt like.  Everyone really liked the food...they created dishes based on what my husband and I liked and were VERY generous with the portion sizes.  They were also very thoughtful, leaving us a tray of appetizers at our table as we were taking pictures when they were being passed...having a server just for our table to refill drinks etc.  They also left our dinner plates if it didnt look like we were finished.Cake - Laurie Lucov - she created a beautiful cake on OUR budget! Everyone else we spoke too kept telling us they couldnt make a cake on our budget (which we thought was reasonable).  Laurie gave us a price break and the cake turned out so beautiful.  She also took our ideas, made sketches, presented them to us and delivered! :)I think those are all of our vendors (we did the flowers ourselves).  I hope this is helpful to you! 

Re: I'm BACK!...with a few recommendations

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