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Pre Wedding stuffs

did you ladies still have showers & bachelorette parties?  

FI insists that I have both, but im not too sure.   we're only inviting about 40 people, so I thought it would be rude to invite people to a shower & bachelorette who arent invited to the wedding.  

Im so confused about this!   what did you do?

Re: Pre Wedding stuffs

  • I don't know if I'm having any showers (up to my MOH, but seeing as how everyone, including her, is 1500 miles away I doubt we will). But FI and I might do a combined bachelor party with a few friends (VERY few) in vegas for a weekend (since we live only a 6 hour drive away). But otherwise if we don't end up doing any parties at all I'm ok with that too :-)
  • I had a small shower and a small bachelorette party that my MIL/aunt and friend organized, respectively.

    Typically, other people are supposed to host these things for you.  So if a friend or relative wants to throw you one, they should only invite people who are invited to the wedding.  Just because they'll be small doesn't mean they won't be fun.
  • We had both.  We had a couples shower with tons of sailing and non-sailing guests;  and we also had our Bachelor / Bachelorette parties the first night of the cruise. 

    There really is no right or wrong answer here...just becasue you're a DW Bride doesn't mean you can't have either of these celebrations. 



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  • My MOH is hosting a shower for me.  We are having 2 AHR's (one here in TN and one back with my family in FL) and she is inviting all the folks invited to the DW as well as the people invited to the AHR here in TN.  No word yet on if anyone back in FL is planning a shower or not - I don't suspect they are and that's fine with me.  My MOH is also planning a girls' weekend in Gatlinburg for the two of us plus a couple other friends - that's my "bachelorette party".  I doubt that FI will have any sort of bachelor party.
    I don't think that having a DW excludes you from being able to celebrate with more "traditional" parties if folks want to throw them for you.  I say go for it if you want to but it's OK if you don't...

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