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April 2011 Weddings

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my dogs - no matter how bad of a mood I'm in, they can make me smile. 

I am thankful for my BF who is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her 27th birthday today.  I'd be lost without that woman. 

I am thankful for my new job opportunity that begins next Friday. 

I am thankful for you girls.  You make my days so much better. 

And, I'm HOPEFUL that Chrissy's surgery goes well today (I'm sure it will). 

Re: Thankful Thursday

  • GL Chrissy, we are thinking about you!

    I am thankful for the many supportive, optimistic, and positive people in my life.

    I am thankful for my new "big boss" who seems so far to be a breath of fresh air.

    I am thankful for this amazing spring weather that has a positive effect on my attitude.
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  • i'm very thankful for this beautiful weather. i didn't realize how much of a funk the weather had put me in until i got out of it! love it.
    i'm thankful that the weekend is almost here and i get to see my mom -- i have not seen her since right after christmas.
    i'm thankful and hopeful about my upcoming job interview. it is not easy to even get an interview sometimes, and i'm happy to at least have gotten this far -- now to actually secure a job!
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  • GL to Chrissy today!  Thinking of you chicky!!

    I am thankful for my husband.  He makes me smile everyday.  Even if we have just had a fight. :)  He surprises me every day with little things and has been a great support through my pregnancy.

    I am thankful for my sister.  I am going to miss the kid like crazy when she is gone, but no matter what she will still be the best aunt my kid will ever have. 

    I am thankful for some of the greatest friends.  My friends here at home, and you girls.  I love being able to tell you everything and not be judged.  Some days you ladies are my rock!  Love you girls :)
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  • I am SO thankful for my new job and shorter commute.

    I am thankful that I get to see my parents this weekend.

    I am thankful that sailing season will be here before too long.

    I am thankful that Joel and I get better everyday at dealing with the bumps (large and small) in the road of life.

    I am thankful that my nephew seems to be doing better after having some complications with a surgery on Monday (had to get tubes put back in his ears and developed blood clots and had a fair amount of bleeding).  He is such a trooper and one of the most sincerely nice 13 year olds you will ever meet.

    And I am excited that I think we figured out a budget-friendly weekend getaway for our anniversary.  Road trip to tour Taliesin ( http://www.taliesinpreservation.org/ ).  It is in WI, and someday we will make it out to AZ to tour Taliesin West.  Bigger vacation to come this summer.  :)
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  • K - glad your nephew is doing ok - that had to have been scary.  And Taliesin West is pretty awesome. 
  • Chrissy you are in my thoughts today! Hope everything goes smoothly!

    Like Lisa I am also very thankful for this weather! I have been needing to see some green and our yard is now in full bloom!

    Thankful for DH's big promotion and pay raise. It will help us get to our goals faster!

    Thankful I have a job that I like to go to every day, even when it can be stressful. Glad to have wonderful co-workers who are not too negative and are always around to help and chat.
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  • K - glad your nephew is ok.  I must say I am a tad jealous that you are going to the Taliesin.  I want to go someday (to both).  Yay for budget friendly trips!
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  • Goodluck today Chrissy! It was the best thing that I ever did!

    K- glad your nephew is doing well.

    I am thankful for my husband. He suprises me everyday with something new.

    I am thankful formy job.. even though I don't want to come in everyday, it's nice knowing the bills will get paid.

    I am thankful for my Sadie girl!! Even though she's going through a digging stage again and ripping out plants, she still brightens my day when I see her.
  • I am thankful for my job (despite the troubles) it is truly what I love to do and it pays the bills.
    I'm thankful that it's sunny today.
    I'm thankful for the amazing workout my trainer put me through on Tuesday night and the sore abs I have today from it!
  • I am very thankful for my Mom. She always knows the right things to say.

    Thankful to be 10 pounds away from achieving my weight loss goal of 50 pounds.

    Thankful for DIGITAL ovulation tests! If only I had discovered these hidden gems months ago. Sad but trueWink
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  • I am thankful for all of you ladies, and the positive impact you each have in my life. I am thankful that I can get proposals accepted by Harvard Medical School, and that the doctors I work with respect me and tell me how awesome I am. I am thankful for this 80 degree weather, it's so gorgeous out!
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  • I'm thankful for the light rain we just had that washed away some of the pollen.

    I'm thankful for encouraging friends.

    I'm thankful for WW for helping me get on the path to health.

    I'm thankful for DH for being the amazing husband that he is. 

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