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I am trying to find out about Columbian wedding traditions.  I am getting married in October of next year and want to have some traditonal Columbian parts to my wedding in memory of my Father.

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    Well I would definitely have some empanadas at your wedding.  Those things are delicious!  I also found this for you on Google -

     I think it's pretty much the same as the unity candle...

    There is a traditional custom in Colombian Christian weddings. After the ring ceremony, the groom and the bride each has to light a candle. This custom has a special meaning. Each lighted candle represents the life of each one. After that, they light another candle together and put out the first candle of each one, leaving only the one that they lit as a couple. This bright candle means that now they are the same body and they are going to share every moment of their lives.
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    3 -- The Coins

    Many Colombian couples will follow the tradition of Las Arras. The Arras are little coins that are exchanged during the wedding ceremony. These coins are given by the groom to the bride as a symbol that what is mine (monetarily speaking) is now yours. Some people mentioned that there are actually 13 coins given, others didn't mention a specific number, just that the bride received the coins. Still one other person mentioned that at her wedding both the bride and the groom exchanged coins. So, apparently the way and number of coins is not as important as the actual exchange of the coins.

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