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March 2011 Weddings

Re: Friday confessions

  • I don't know about sins, but I confess that when we had a job opening at my work this month my boss asked me my opinion on 2 girls and I said to choose the one who wasn't pregnant.

    I feel bad because I know she could use the money as she's only PT right now, but I'm also aware of how much she calls off (even before she was KU) and I'm the only person available to cover her shifts, which means even if she called off one day I would have to cover a 13hr shift. I'm also concerned she would be unreliable once she gave birth, whether or not she would come back to work or how long she would be out for.

    Makes me feel like a crappy person, even if the other girl was more qualified, that wasn't what I based my opinion on and I'm ashamed of myself.
  • I did not really mean SINS. I don't expect anyone to come on and confess to murder.
  • I confess that my FSD (future step daughter) has gotten on my nerves before, and now she's on my only nerve I have left.  I have a lot of stress due to our money issues right now with me not working and starting school in two weeks, and she's making it worse.

    She was dating this guy, moved in with him, had no money, and always came to FI for her money and he'd give it to her.  Well he put his foot down and stopped giving her money because he knew that she was with him and buying alcohol and other things with the money instead of paying the bills.

    Well they broke up a week before Christmas because he was caught stealing a quad with some guy, almost had her car impounded but her Mama's brother's a cop and got it out for her without paying, and now that she's not with him anymore the borrowing of money has started again.

    FI and I have been down this road before and we still have three major things to pay for for the wedding.  His suit he's buying is one thing, the minimoon, and the balance or our ceremony and venue are coming up as well.

    We were going to rely on our tax returns this year, but Good Ol' Obama has messed that up and is sending out all Federal Returns later this year due to tax breaks etc.  UUUGGGHHH!!! 

    Thanks for letting me get this off of my chest.  I feel much better now.
  • I confess Ive been more negative then I should be about things and that I've taken a  lot of things my FMIL has said and done a lot more personal than I should have.

    Plan for 2011? Try really really really hard to like her and the rest of the FIL's, because in 2 months 2 weeks and 4 days...We're family!

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  • I confess that I'm kinda more excited about the baby than the wedding. Yes, I'm really excited to be married, but I cannot wait to meet this baby! I'm really excited to see the look on FI's face when he sees him or her for the first time too.
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  • I should have gotten more school related things done over these two weeks I have had off, but I didn't do anything. I mean nothing for school!

  • I confess that I spent $200 today at Nordstroms on Spanx, toeless pantyhose and shoe inserts....YIKES! lol all to test for wedding day fit lol
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  • I confess that I had a nightmare that I had broken up with FI and was living with my loser high school ex in some shady apartment.  It wasn't a sex dream or anything, we were just "together" and I was like, "omg this isn't my life!  How did I end up here?"  It was awful!  But then FI came over (at his dad's house, the only spare room has two 50s sitcom style twin beds) to cuddle me and everything was ok :-)  

    I also confess that I'm ready to go home.  It's beautiful here, but I'm feeling awfully lazy and fat.  Time to get back to a productive new year!  
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