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I'm so excited! This is my dream HM. We aren't going until May bc of FH's schooling but it's going to be awesome!! We will be leaving from Seattle on a 7 day cruise : Yay!
Best of luck to you and yours!

Feb 22, 2013

Re: Honeymoon!

  • Woot!!!!
    We are actually goining to Seattle for our honeymoon! Leaving the day after the wedding. Taking the train up from California, FI doesnt like flying :(

  • awesome!!! I've heard such great things about the Alaskan cruises!
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  • That should be great! My fiance and I are also going on our honeymoon a bit later too. We are going to Disney World and want to miss some of the crowds, so we are going in late April.
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  • Enjoy Alaska! I would loved to have honeymooned (or gotten married) in Disney, but I'm restricted to when I can take vacations and refuse to do Disney Presidents week. We decided on some fun in the sun in St. Lucia instead!
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