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Wedding Hair and Beauty


I have been trying to let my hair grow out for my wedding. I have also decided not to color it anymore (Hair is so much nicer when it hasn't been colored, Jealous of virgin hair). 

My hair color is very similar to my natural color. I actually have over an inch of roots and you cant even tell unless you are really staring. The thing is I am afraid that you will be able to tell in my pictures. 

Part of me really wants to color my hair again just in case, but I have been doing such a good job of leaving it alone. What do you ladies think?

Re: Roots

  • I have similar hair -- roots only I can tell, but not really. I would ask someone you trust, like a best friend or your Mom. Also I would look/take some pictures of yourself and see what happens if you notice them too much. Another thought -- I love the Herbal Essences 28-day-wash out color. It never actually washes out completely... it leaves a nice hue of brown (I'm a brunette) and it helps blend out the highlites. I had gold highlites and decided I didn't want them anymore and my hair is back to looking super natural (and pretty much is from my ears up, :) I wouldn't ask a stylist unless you're friends with one. They always are looking to charge money!
  • I would ask your stylist. mine wasn't a money-grubber and would never recommend me color my hair just to make some money (in fact, she discouraged it). sounds to me like JoyMatt needs to find a new stylist she actually trusts.

    one thing that may be possible is trying a semi-permanent color that is the same as your natural color. that's what I'll be doing in a few weeks to blend in my highlights (which are kinda at the stage where yours are--only noticeable if you're looking, but there's quite a bit of growth).

    Glenna Harding Photography
  • There are some Aveda products that can be used to gently lift out the color on the ends, and bring your hair even closer to the natural color which makes it less noticeable.  Try one of their salons and see what advice they can give without coloring, since you are doing good with growing it out.
  • If you're doing an updo your roots will hardly be noticeable! I have straight hair and when my roots start getting bad I find that curling it really helps make it less noticable too!
  • If you're worried about roots there are a few options...
    Semi-Permanent Color/ Color Glaze/ Toner (Some salons call it all different things but essentially its the same)
    go to your stylist and ask them to make a formula to match your roots (do a test run first, maybe a few months before the wedding) It will rinse out in 6-8 weeks and gives great shine to your hair for the pictures. I wouldnt attempt this at home, box colors are full of unknown and unspecified chemicals that can make certain tones permanent even in the semi-permanent colors!

    If you REALLY want to stay away from color there are aerosol sprays that have a color tint to them, Bumble and Bumble carries some, usually used to cover grays between colors but you might be able to get away with that. Your roots will most likely show in pics, even with an updo, good luck!
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