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Buying your dress & alterations

How many stores did you go to before you found THE dress?  Did you buy it from a chain store or a boutique? 

Also, I have heard that tailors/dry cleaners will do alterations for considerably cheaper than bringing it back to the store.

Re: Buying your dress & alterations

  • i went to one chain store (awful!!) and then 4 boutique. it was the very last boutique, last dress of the appt that was mine =)  good luck!! i had a hard time stressing about buying the wrong dress and worried about my fiance and what he will think..  sure hope i please him!!!
  • I bought thr first dress I tried on....not right away though...i went to 4 olther stores and tried on 25 or so dresses, then thought about it for a few days, and returned for the original first dress!!!
  • I'm not getting married until next year, but I've already found my dress. I bought mine at the first place I went looking,a local boutique, not the first dress I tried on though. I'm an older bride, and the first thing I said was that I didn't want to look like a 50 year old trying to be 20. I tried on several, and the one that looked the best was way too much for what I was going for, simple understated. These dresses are custom, so we tried playing with the skirt, and I had finally made the decision to go ahead with it when she told me about 2 new samples that she had gotten earlier in the week. I tried it on and I new that I'd found it! Now, I'm on the hunt for the Matron of Honors dress, who by the way is far more picky than I am! wish me luck!
    Oh and any alterations are included in the purchase of the dress! Bonus!!
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