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January 2011 Weddings

These things don't phase me anymore...

Four days away... my schedule is so jam packed I can't tell how close it is anymore. Most of my relatives are coming into town tomorrow so it's busy busy from here on out. I just gotta finish cleaning my house tonight....

The second of our 3 groomsmen dropped out a few days ago. Something stupid about not being able to get the time off work. Really? You knew about this months ago and you couldn't request it off? Luckily, we were able to replace the first groomsman who dropped out a month or so ago so we'll still have 2, but I feel really bad for FI cuz his family and friends are not so family and friendly as they seemed.

Panic attack last night! My FMIL comes into town tomorrow and I still haven't met her! The original plan was that she was taking a cab to our house, letting herself in with a hidden key, and I'll meet her when I'm off work. The problem was that FI's bachelor party is tomorrow night and he won't be home to introduce us. I basically told FI to book a hotel room for his mom for at least tomorrow night so I don't come home to a "stranger" in my house. Besides, it is more proper for FI to introduce us.

Besides all my last minute "beauty" appointments... tanning... massages... etc.... I'm pretty confident about the next few days. I just wish I had some time to sleep...

Good luck to everyone with the rest of your planning. If I don't pop back in to say hi before Saturday, I'll let everyone know how it went early on next week. 
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Re: These things don't phase me anymore...

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