XP: AW: Lots of DIY paper checks! PIP!

Last night FI spent 7 hours finishing all of the invites, and today they went out in the mail.  I know it's a little early, but we have a fair amount of OOT guests and our venue requires  3 weeks notice for head count so we decided to send them out a bit early.

There are more pics in my bio, which I also updated today!

FI working hard!

The finished product! We used Oynx metallic envelopes to put them in and they look awesome!  I know black doesn't exactly scream wedding, but I love them!

I love them!  Even with the embellishment, I only needed $0.64 stamps to send them out.

I also cut out all the stuff for my place cards, now just waiting for the RSVPs to roll in and fill them out.  They are two different colors to help the servers indicate who is having what for dinner.  The black with be for those having beef and the ivory will be for those having chicken.

I figured while I had the printer going and the paper out I would make the reserved seating signs for the ceremony too!

I also posted this on the Sept 2011 board!

Re: XP: AW: Lots of DIY paper checks! PIP!

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    holy majoly those are wonderful! my sister is making my invitations and mine look similar to yours except different colors. kind of funny actually, when she started making them my colors were tiffany blue and black, and now I've changed them to pink and green....hopefully no one notices!

    anywho, everything you've done is magnificent and i'm showing fi the pictures of your fi helping with the invites!
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    yeah, he told me the only reason he was helping and not giving up and watch the daily show was because embossing is like magic.  I know he would of helped either way, but he was just so amazed at how the embossing process worked haha.
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    They look great!  Nice work!
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    Holy crap flickrj5! It all looks amazing! Effort and hard work does pay off, eh?
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