Weekend Plans?

Amy and Ev are getting married!!!!  Royal wedding this weekend too, and GSP is fighting in the UFC event Saturday. 

What do you have planned?  The weather is supposed to be beautiful.

Re: Weekend Plans?

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    Friday:  Gym, Cook dinner
    Saturday:  Gym, drive to NJ... drop off baby shower gifts at 1 location then on to a beach ceremony and reception.  After the wedding, we're either going to have drinks, or going somewhere to watch the UFC fight.  Stay overnight down there.
    Sunday:  Maybe stop at the boardwalk, drive back to PA, laundry, grocery store, etc.
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    Tomorrow - FI's birthday - we're celebrating by having drinks and a BBQ
    Saturday - relaxing in the sun - maybe some gardening and WR things. At night we're going to a comedy sportz show in the city for FI's birthday.
    Sunday - Beltane celebration - aka May Day fun!
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  • Bean32Bean32 member
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    We're watching a friend's dog all weekend, so...
    Tomorrow: Hanging out and waiting for the doggie to get dropped off. Just staying home.
    Saturday: Picking up FI's wedding band, going to the park with the dogs, having some friends over for a BBQ
    Sunday: Errands
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  • dibsontopdibsontop member
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    Friday - Hopefully relaxing
    Saturday - Driving up to PA at some point to stay at my mom's house in preparation for...
    Sunday - Broad St Run!!!

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    Good luck with the run dibs!  I hope the weather is nice, but not too hot/humid.
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    No idea.  FI was working Friday night at job #2, then he wasn't, then they put him back on the schedule last night, now he's off.  I'm not getting my hopes up...  If he doesn't work we'll probably hit up the car show and drag strip.  He's working 7a-7p Sat and Sun.

    Saturday, lazy day, clean a bit, read, work on my scrapbook of the house.

    Sunday - hang out with the parents.  Go to lowes to check out paint and stuff...
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  • dibsontopdibsontop member
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    Thanks, MH.  That's exactly the weather I'm hoping for!

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    Friday Night - Picking my sister/neice up at the airport
    Saturday - March of Dimes Walk (thanks again to everyone who donated!!!!)
    Sat. night - Dinner with BIL/SIL
    Sunday  - trying to get some more stuff unpacked. My parents are supposed to come home, so they may come see the house for the first time!
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  • Jesster153Jesster153 member
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    Good Luck Dibs!!
    Im so bummed I can't run this year :( 

    We have no set plans friday/saturday which is awesome since we were crazy people last weekend and all over the place.
    Sunday we're going to the Phillies game!! whoo!
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    Friday - Out to dinner for MIL's birthday
    Saturday - BM dress shopping for my friend's wedding :) then who knows..?
    Sunday - DH has a baseball game in the AM and then we are also going to the Phillies game!!  :)
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    Friday- a whole lotta nothing. I have a few orders to finish, other than that, pretty much nothing at all.

    Saturday- RA and I are going to Beauty Bash at QVC- I can't wait. FI is staying home with DD so we can go. Then, saturday night, since DD's dad couldn't come home, we're unfortunately not going to Amy's wedding, but we'll be helping our lodge with their quarter auction.
    Sunday- Probably wedding stuff. I know I have to drive up to Doylestown at some point and pick up stuff from some lady I bought candles and candle holders from... but tbh, I have no clue where Doylestown is or how far away it is. I got a pretty killer deal though, and I couldn't pass it up.
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  • Cackle6Cackle6 member
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    Good luck Dibs and Jenny with your run/walk this weekend!  Looks like it should cool off a bit on Saturday, hopefully that will carry over into Sunday too!

    Tonight - Softball if we don't get rained out, otherwise working on my home office!
    Friday - SO is going to the opera with his boyfriend :-P so I have the house to myself, whoohoo!
    Saturday - working on the shower shelf for the bathroom and hopefully getting some more tiling done, then going out with the girls on Saturday night. Chinese food and dancing, here we come!
    Sunday - hopefully more work on the bathroom so we can get closer to finishing! If SO's mom decided to come down though, we'll probably work on gardening, which would be nice too.

    And of course taking the puppies on walks when it's not raining. :)
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    Friday--hopefully having a phone date with my MOH.  We've been playing phone tag for about a month.

    Saturday--I'm going to QVC Beauty Bash with Paprika in the morning... and then I'm driving about 3 hrs for the funeral. It's outside of New York City.  Originally we were going to drive home Saturday night, but it's much smarter to stay.  Friends of ours in Jersey graciously invited us to stay at their place.  We've stayed with them a number of times.

    Sunday--driving home from Jersey City in time for work.  I'm going to see if they can alter my schedule so that I can come in at noon instead of 11.  We'll see what they say tonight.  And then Gzilla and I are watching the Phillies game at his cousin's house. 

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  • Northstar1808Northstar1808 member
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    fri - nada
    sat - bootcamp, working on the house, then going to my brother's AFROTC banquet
    sun - going to my cousin damn bridal shower that DH is forcing me to go to. grrr!
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    My bachelorette party is this weekend!  We're going to the Dogfish head brewery and brewpub, i'm so excited.  But some of my friends are creating drama so hopefully I can enjoy it (see vent post above).

    Then on Sunday FH's family is throwing us a mini shower.  I love seeing his family, I"m really excited.
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  • LadyJ10LadyJ10 member
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    Friday - something lame b/c DH has to be up at 4 am on Saturday for work. Boo.

    Saturday - DH is working, so I'm going to do my chores in the morning then relax! And probably go to the PIFA street fair on Broad Street!

    Sunday - trying a new church (even though DH is working again), but then heading to AC for a friend's birthday party! We're staying the night and I took Monday off! I'm so excited for a day off.

    Monday - sleeping in, maybe doing a little shopping in AC, then coming back and taking my car to sell it! It's been sitting in the parking lot at work for the past month and I cannot wait to get rid of it!
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    Friday- Driving to Fredrick MD for a job interview (for moving to where FI is)
                 and then probably finishing school work (I'm a full-time student)
    Saturday-spending the afternoon with a friend, and then attending a wedding
    Sunday- church and possibly spending time with friends. Or packing more for the move to be with my FI.

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  • CaitC21CaitC21 member
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    Tonight- Last final of the semester, then maybe some quick last min shopping for b-pics

    Tomorrow- If I dont shop tonight I am shopping tomorrow, then working at resturant #1 for the Phillies game

    Saturday- Working an early shift at resturant #1 for the Phillies 1o'clock game then meeting up with Lemma at resturant #2 for the UFC fight, because this lucky chick isn't working it :-)

    Sunday- Open House with FI for a home we are super interested in.  Anyone know what kinds of things I should be looking for and asking?  Then working at resturant #1 for the late night Phillies game.

    Should be a good weekend!
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    4 day weekend here.

    Tomorrow Royal wedding madness.  Party all day!  There is a Don't Tell the Bride live version, should be good.  

    Sat going out with friends to look for their dresses for my wedding, plus a hat for my mom.  

    I was going to work on job apps on Sunday and Monday, but the jobs I was interested in have interviews after I go home for my wedding so I'm not applying anymore.  

    So I guess some WR items.  
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    [QUOTE]4 day weekend here. Tomorrow Royal wedding madness.  Party all day!  Posted by NCV2[/QUOTE]

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