Garden Wedding Venue - July 2nd - Please take over!!

I originally signed a contract for The Newcastle Wedding Gardens for July 2nd of this year.  

My Fiance is in the Navy in South Carolina and unfortuantely circumstances with his Schooling for them have made it so that we have had to cancel/postpone the wedding.  She had a deal with us to reschedule if we had to cancel, but that isn't really realistic at this point.  We are probably going to just end up eloping when I move out there.  

I am so sad to have to give up my beautiful location, but it is probably better in the long run.  My family couldn't really afford to do the whole big wedding thing anyway.  

The reason I would like someone to take over the date is in hopes that we can get part of our deposit back.  The deposit was $2,000 and my family can't really afford to just let it go out the window.  We worked hard for that money.

Even if you just want to do the ceremony there and receptioin somewhere else that would help.  

For just the ceremony it is $1,500.  to have the ceremony and reception there it is around $4,500 I think.  I can't really remember at this moment.  

I know it is close to the date, but I know some people out there have got to be still looking.  Georgia is very qualified and prepared to help you put together a beautiful wedding in no time!

I cannot stress enough how beautiful the venue is.  

This is the website for it :

Please help!


Re: Garden Wedding Venue - July 2nd - Please take over!!

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    Post this on Craigslist as well
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    Good luck  Sorry, already have my venue, but hope this ends up working out for you!!! 
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    If I were you, I would offer a discount to people to make the deal more enticing and recover at least some of your deposit, e.g. you will put $200 towards the deposit or something.  Also, less talk about why you're giving up the location (no one's going to have their wedding at your site out of pity for you) and more photos of the location in the text & more highlights about the property. 

    If people feel like they are getting a better deal, then they will be more likely to take over your contract.

    This is obviously IMO, I am by no means an advertising expert!


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    can  you change the date? 
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