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DJ Crew vs Audio Extremes Vs Matt Casto

Hi ladies- I am looking for some opinions about DJs. We're looking for someone younger who knows newer music and kept people dancing all night. We are not looking for someone cheesy, plays silly games or takes over the night with a lot of commentary. 


DJ Crew has been recommended to us by many people (including our DOC) and they are definitely high on the list. I know they get great reviews, and I guess my concern is that they might be too night club-y/obnoxious?


I really haven't heard much about Audio Extremes, but met them at a bridal show and liked the laid back owner. They have been to our venue before and have a decent package in our price range. The owner seemed to understand what we were looking for. 


Our officiant recommended Matt Casto who is "VERY tasteful, both in his presentation and his ability to follow your guidelines but still keep people entertained. He's also a good deal cheaper, I think." I'd love to save some money but not at the expense of having a great time at the reception. 


Any help/opinions would be greatly appreciated! thanks!! (i also posted on NEO Board)

Re: DJ Crew vs Audio Extremes Vs Matt Casto

  • We booked DJ Crew for our reception after talking to several djs.  I've been to weddings with the DJ Crew in the past and they weren't "clubby" at all.  They are very responsive to the crowd and the taste of the bride and groom. 

    Good luck!
  • Thanks, Kelly! We have a meeting with John on Sunday. 
  • Ditto! We booked the DJ Crew and they have done other family weddings, and they are fantastic! They will set whatever kind of dance vibe you are looking for, are great at reading a crowd and do not steal the spotlight at all. As you'll quickly realize, if you haven't already, John is a bit of a talker ( but not at the wedding) :) but he and his guys really know their stuff and are committed to accomodating you. Hope that helps!
  • Well, we ended up booking with the DJ Crew- we were impressed by what they had to offer and I can definitely see why they come so highly recommended. We are even more excited now for our reception! Thanks for your advice ladies!
  • Congrats! I booked them as well, they are great.  You won't be disappointed.
    Did you use a $50 off referral? If not, contact me. If you mention someone recommended them you get $50 off.
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