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Ladies with 125-150 guests - how much booze did you use?

Hi everyone!

So I've just started planning and budgeting.  I'm planning on using a venue that lets you buy and bring in your own alcohol.  I found a great wedding drink calculator at Real Simple, and this is what it's telling me I need for a 150-person wedding (beer and wine only):

150 Guests
Beer: 300 bottles
Champagne: 45 bottles
Red Wine: 53 bottles
White Wine: 53 bottles

Since I've never thrown a party this large, please let me know - does this seem right to you?  Our guest list might actually be closer to 125 but I want to make sure we don't run out.  Most of our guests are adults and also drinkers :)


Re: Ladies with 125-150 guests - how much booze did you use?

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    Holy crap those at those counts. My guest list is 178 and we figure about 80-120 to show (so many out of town and country) and we are bringing in 12 large bottles of flavored rum and vodka and they are going into the fountain with the mixer already prepared it should be over 400 4oz portions (using the smaller alcohol type plastic cups)

    But I guess I get lucky due to most being seniors who might only have one drink and all would prefer sweet tea, hot tea, or coffee.
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    We aren't bringing in our own alcohol, but I Just wanted to say those numbers seem HUGE! Even if a lot of people drink. Holy cow.

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    Wow! I'm the opposite.  I'd personally rather have more than enough than less than enough. Assuming you can bring unused alcohol home with you.

    Unless I am doing the math wrong. That is 2 bottles of beer per person. And if you estimate 4 glasses of wine per bottle. At 106 bottles of wine, that's just under 3 glasses of wine per person. That is a lot of wine, but not a lot of beer. Me personally.... I would have more beer. You said they were drinkers.  My family/friends are beer drinkers and 2 bottles of beer a person wouldn't cut it. But you will know your crowd best.
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    Yeah.  When I thought about it more, and when I thought about how much I personally drink at other people's weddings (lol) it seemed like a bottle of wine (or champagne) per person plus 2-3 beers per person is probably the ticket.  
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    I think that's a lot of champagne. If you've already budgeted out for this amount of alcohol, I'd cut back the amount of champagne, and add it to the number of bottles of wine or add a few hard liquors and mixers so people could choose to have a mixed drink instead. Most people don't drink a lot of champagne and will only use it to toast with. So you really only need enough for a champagne toast (which could also be skipped altogether because people can toast with whatever drink is in front of them) and then maybe a little more for the few that may want another glass or two afterwards.
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