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New Hampshire

Re: Confessions Wednesday

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    Couple of confessions:
    1.) I'm surprised how awesome my mom has been with this process so far.  I really wasn't expecting this from her, but she's been great.  She was not happy before we got engaged (she thought we should wait a bit more), but she's really on board and happy we're including her in the process (we're paying for everything, but I don't want to exclude her). 
    2.) I'm surprised by how much my FI has woken up and grown up to the fact that we're paying for the wedding and how we need to be concious of money.  We need to be better savers (something we both need to work on, we are spenders by nature) but he's really stepped up and seen how much things cost and what we both need to do to get where we want (wedding and otherwise).  I thought there'd be more tension, but he's been amazing and I'm so happy.
    3.) I confess that I thought I'd be more of a control freak in the planning part of the wedding, but I'm really not.  I freak out about the events I plan at work, and I've yet to get stressed about this, even when our original venue fell through.
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    I confess that the commercial with the baby whizzing down the street and that obnoxious song about roller skates makes me laugh.  If ever asked, I would deny it.  You know, THIS one.

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    Carly, I laugh at and love the most random commercials all the time and DH likes to make fun of me for it. (Like this one) So I'm with you on that one!

    I confess that I don't like not being able to spend my bonus that I got today on things for ME. But I know in the end, I just want to be out of this apartment and into a house so it's better in the bank!

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  • DrPB2b13DrPB2b13 member
    edited December 2011
    I confess that I have absolutely no energy lately so I haven't been participating here on the board like I want to!

    I further confess that I really just want the spring to come already, with all of my grad school applications finished and acceptance letters arriving!
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